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Activision Moves to Shut Down Warzone Cheat Provider EngineOwning

The biggest Warzone cheat provider, EngineOwning might not be making hacks for much longer, thanks to a new Activision lawsuit!

Hacking is a problem in almost all online multiplayer games but Warzone has had it bad ever since the game launched almost two years ago.

Luckily, the new RICOCHET anti-cheat system in Warzone is now live and it is helping to remove hackers. Although, there are still plenty of players using cheat software right now.

This might not be the case for much longer though as Warzone publisher Activision has made moves to stop the biggest Warzone cheat provider EngineOwning.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera

Activision Lawsuit Aims to Stop EngineOwning Warzone Hacks

Activision has been working hard to shut down Warzone cheat providers in recent months. Now, it has its sights set on the biggest prize of them all.

Shortly after Caldera launched, Activision shut down Warzone hack makers MangoCheats. Then it turned its focus to the most popular cheat software, EngineOwning.

Loads of hackers using EngineOwning cheat software were removed from Warzone in the latest ban wave, however, there were still plenty of people using these hacks. This prompted Activision to take its actions to the next level.

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Warzone Pacific

Now, Activision has filed a lawsuit against EngineOwning in an attempt to stop the Warzone cheat provider once and for all. The company states it wants to stop the “unlawful conduct” of EngineOwning, therefore, preventing it from making and selling Warzone cheats.

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While nothing is confirmed yet, it now seems very likely EngineOwning will stop operation soon. It simply isn’t big enough to stand up to the near-endless resources of Activision.

Let’s hope that this lawsuit we see the results of this lawsuit very soon and EngineOwning ceases making Warzone cheats in the near future.

Even if Activision finally stops the Warzone hackers, there’s no guarantee that the players will be happy though. This is because Warzone players already find Caldera boring.

What’s more, some players think that Warzone is becoming ‘pay to win’. The last thing Warzone needs right now is even more controversy.

On a more positive note though, Warzone is getting a great new bundle soon. Find out everything we know about the Warzone Attack on Titan bundle so far.


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