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Activision Confirms Warzone Anti Cheat and Bans 60,000 Cheaters

A new statement from Activision has confirmed that Warzone has an anti-cheat system.

Warzone is overrun with cheaters at the moment. Players have asked Activision to fix the problem, but so far there has been very little communication.

However, things could finally be looking up for Warzone.

Warzone Anti Cheat Confirmed

Last night, Activision released an update about their anti-cheat system in Warzone. This started with the bold statement “we have zero tolerance for cheaters”.

It is very easy to cheat in Warzone at the moment, so this is a big change. A hacker proved how easy it is to cheat in Warzone without being banned.

In the update, Activision went into detail about their anti-cheat system and what they are doing to remove cheaters from Warzone.

Firstly, Activision went over everything they have already done to combat hacking. This includes weekly security updates, improving in-game reporting, and eliminating third-party software providers.

Activision has also already removed 180,000 suspect accounts using two-factor authentication. It has also increased the number of people and resources dedicated to stopping cheating.

Warzone Squad

The developer also plans more changes in the future to stop hackers. This includes enhancements to their Warzone anti-cheat and additional cheat detection software.

Also, Activision will give updates on the cheating situation in Warzone at least every month.

This will be music to the ears of content creators like Dr Disrespect, who recently gave his opinion on Warzone’s “hacking crisis”.

Activision Bans 60,000 Hackers

On February 2, Activision banned 60,000 accounts. These hackers won’t be able to play the game again.

Streaming platforms are also targeting Warzone cheaters. Facebook Gaming is demonetzinig streamers who use hacks on their platform.

This ban wave takes the total number of banned accounts up to 300,000. While this seems like a lot, it still is nowhere near enough, even with an improved anti-cheat system in Warzone.

Warzone has over 75 million players. This means that there are way more than 300,000 hackers playing the game.

In the meantime, use these two handy tips to remove cheaters from your Warzone lobbies.

However, this is a positive step for Activision and should be commended. Hopefully plans to remove hackers continue and Warzone becomes much more enjoyable again soon.

Activision Twitter

With the Warzone cheating crisis hopefully being solved soon by an improved anti-cheat system, layers can begin to enjoy the game again. This ridiculous clip of a player getting a helicopter snipe to unlock the Damascus skin in Warzone shows how crazy and fun Warzone can still be.

After Activision finishes sorting out cheaters, Warzone players want another change. Console players are demanding a FOV slider in Warzone.

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