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Activision Acquires Developer Digital Legends For Unannounced Call of Duty Mobile Game

Today, Activision provided many updates for its Call of Duty franchise, including the acquisition of Digital Legends and its impact on COD for mobile platforms.

Call of Duty had a big day overall with massive news for all its ongoing titles.

Activision posted a massive update for both Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard earlier today.

There are certainly reasons to be excited about if you are a Call of Duty: Mobile player.

Aside from all the announcements made for the console and PC COD titles, Activision dropped some exciting news for Call of Duty on mobile platforms.

Activision Digital Legends Acquisition Call of Duty Mobile

Activision’s Digital Legends Acquisition – Upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Game

Activision aims to ramp up development for its upcoming new mobile game in the Call of Duty universe by acquiring Digital Legends.

Via a press release and a tweet, Activision welcomed mobile developer Digital Legends to the company and the COD franchise.

Activision confirmed Digital Legends supports the ongoing development of an unannounced Call of Duty mobile game.

The company also praised the mobile development trajectory of its newly acquired studio.

Activision mentioned that Digital Legends is already well incorporated into the company. The studio has been cooperating with Activision during this year.

This cooperation does not indicate that the next Call of Duty mobile game is around the corner. Although, it shows that Activision aims to expedite development as much as it can.

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Currently, Beenox and Activision Shanghai are developing the unannounced COD mobile game.

Aside from the apparent boost in the development workforce, there were no additional details about this upcoming COD mobile title.

Could This Unannounced COD Game Be Warzone Mobile?

The speculations are strong with this one. Some fans consider this unannounced title is Warzone Mobile.

This is not a crazy idea. Some time ago, Activision’s job listings suggested Warzone Mobile was in development.

Considering Activision stated earlier this year Warzone was a top priority for the company, the mobile to jump would make sense.

Taking the vast scope of gameplay elements from Warzone to mobile would be challenging.

Nonetheless, four studios are working on it at this moment. Unquestionably, with that amount of workforce and resources, Warzone Mobile is not such a crazy idea.

Furthermore, if you can’t wait to play the upcoming COD Mobile, Activision has a ton of content coming soon to Warzone Pacific.

Today we got a first look at the Warzone Pacific Map, Caldera.

Here is everything you need to know if you want early access to Warzone Pacific’s Caldera.

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