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Activision Accused of Ignoring Warzone Players To Sell More Blueprints

Is selling Blueprints more important to Activision than Warzone players having fun?

Like every videogame, Warzone was made to make money. As a free-to-play title, it also includes many microtransactions for cosmetic items.

However, the COD store also includes Blueprints, which are special variants of guns with unique camos that already come with attachments. Recently, the game has also introduced Reactive Blueprints which change in-game.

Blueprints have been controversial in the past. Players accused Blueprints of being ‘pay-to-win’ after finding out that they did extra damage.

However, Warzone players have now noticed an alarming pattern emerge with weapon nerfs and blueprints. This has caused some Warzone players to accuse Activision of prioritizing money over game balance and, therefore, player enjoyment.

warzone plunder

Warzone Blueprints Conspiracy

As a company that profits from the sales in the COD Store, it makes sense that Activision wants to sell more Blueprints. However, Redditor _hdjuarez believes that the publisher influences the game balance to sell more bundles in the store.

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His post shows a cycle of what he thinks is Activision’s process of nerfing guns in Warzone is. He suggests that Activision wants to release many bundles with broken weapons.

The post later states that Activision “ignores the community” and only nerf overpowered guns “after enough bundles have been purchased”. This would be because Warzone players would be more likely to buy a bundle containing a Blueprint of an overpowered weapon.

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Despite this claim having no real evidence, some players seem to agree with it as the post has hundreds of upvotes.

However, all Warzone players would want Raven Software to listen to the community more and be a bit quicker with the weapon nerfs.

Meanwhile, a teaser has revealed the release date for the upcoming nuke event in Warzone. This will change Warzone forever!

This could then lead to a totally new map. Check out the first in-game teaser for the 1980s Verdansk map.

Finally, Warzone cheaters are now using insane new hacks. Regular players don’t stand a chance anymore.

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