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Accused Warzone “Cheater” Wrongly Banned From Twitch Rivals $250k

An alleged Warzone cheater was wrongly banned from the $250k Twitch Rivals tournament.

Cheating is a widespread problem in Warzone at the moment. However, cheating in a tournament where so much money on the line surely can’t be as common.

A huge cheating scandal overshadowed the Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Warzone Tournament. A Warzone pro wrongly accused another player of cheating and got him banned.

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Tommey Accuses Warzone Player of Cheating in Twitch Rivals

Expert Warzone cheat spotter Tommey identified a player who he thought was using hacks in the Twitch Rivals tournament. This came just days after Tommey correctly accused another player of cheating live on stream.

Tommey believed that competitor METZY_B was using auto-aim. A clip of METZY_B attempting to shoot a player holding a riot shield apparently revealed this.

This led to the accused cheater METZY_B and his team being disqualified from the tournament before the final round. As a result, they also missed out on all of their potential prize money.

However, this accusation was totally wrong. The Twitch Rivals tournament then continued into the final round without the alleged cheaters.

METZY_B Not Guilty?

As it transpires, METZY_B seems to be totally innocent. While Tommey was convinced of his cheating, METZY_B showed that he didn’t cheat.

METZY_B joined Tommey on a Discord call to go over the programs he had been using on his PC and prove that he was innocent. Since then, Tommey has now publicly apologized on Twitter.

Tommey Twitter

Even if this player didn’t cheat, there are still plenty of cheaters ruining Warzone tournaments. Hackers have caused NICKMERCS to quit competitive Warzone.

Nobody seems immune to hacking accusations. Warzone players have accused NICKMERCS of cheating.

However, competitive Warzone’s cheating problems should be over soon if this huge announcement happens. Warzone is coming to the 2021 CDL season.

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