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What Are Accolades & How to Acquire Them in Fortnite

Accolades in Fortnite are mini-challenges players can complete in-game to earn XP. These challenges include tasks such as fishing, gathering gold bars, and being the first in a game to achieve a challenge.

Accolades can be completed as often as possible, but they must be done in a single match, as they don’t carry over to the next game.

They are extremely simple tasks that players can complete in individual matches. Additionally, they can be completed more than once and will reward XP each time upon completion.

Completing accolades is a great way to level up quickly. Players can unlock the new battle pass skins by leveling up as soon as possible!

Eliminating a player in Fortnite
Credit: EPIC Games

All Accolades in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

There are currently 23 accolades that players can complete and earn XP from in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2:

  • Battle Ready
    • Be the first player in the match to reach maximum health and shields.
  • Bird Prey
    • Be the first player to catch a chicken in a match.
  • Can of Worms
    • Catch five fish in a match.
  • Carnivore
    • Hunt nine wildlife in a match.
  • Demolition Expert
    • Destroy 250 structures in a match.
  • Demolition Master
    • Destroy 1000 structures in a match.
  • Demolition Specialist
    • Destroy 50 structures in a match.
  • Early Bird
    • Become the first player to pick up a legendary weapon in a match.
  • Finders Keepers
    • Be the first player to collect a weapon from an eliminated player.
  • Fishmonger
    • Catch ten fish in a match.
  • Gamekeeper
    • Hunt six wildlife in a match.
  • Gilded Glory
    • Collect 100 gold bars in a single match.
  • Gold Rush
    • Collect 50 gold bars in a single match.
  • Helping Hand
    • Follower revives player or squad member.
  • Hired Gun
    • Achieved when a follower downs or eliminates a player in the match.
  • Kinetic Blade Stand (pending accolade)
    • This accolade is listed in the game, but it is currently unavailable to complete. Once the accolade information is available, we will update this article.
  • Open Season
    • Hunt three wildlife in a match.
  • Pescetarian
    • Catch 15 fish in a match.
  • Patch up, Pronto!
    • Be the first player in a match to revive a player.
  • Quit Exit
    • Be the first player to be eliminated in a match.
  • Sic ‘Em
    • Achieved when a tamed creature downs or eliminates another player.
  • Swift Shrubbery
    • Be the first player in a match to apply a bush.
  • The Gift of Life
    • Be the first player in a match to reboot a player.
  • Treasure Trove
    • Collect 250 gold bars in a match.
Fishing to earn the catch fish accolade in Fortnite

How to Check Accolades in Fortnite

In Fortnite, you can check what accolades you earned at the match’s end, whether you get the Victory Royale or die earlier in the game.

To check the accolades you earned, wait on the placement screen instead of leaving the game. When the option to check stats comes up in the middle of your screen, view them.

All the accolades that you earned throughout the match will display on the right side

Accolades in Fortnite

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