The academy feature of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to newcomers may initially seem like an attempt to recreate Persona’s or Hogwarts’ sense of school life for the Pokémon franchise.

Unfortunately, despite a richly detailed setting and city surrounding it, it does not reach the heights of either. But like Pokémon schools in past games, academy classes serve as diegetic tutorials to introduce players to new and old mechanics.

But regardless of its success, whether you are placed in Uva in Violet or Naranja in Scarlet, there are advantages to taking courses in math, history, battle studies, and more.

What Are Academy Classes in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Academy Classes are optional tutorials that explain new and old mechanics, with item rewards along the way.

After you arrive at the academy, classes are available to take at the front desk. But you must watch the Professor’s speech and complete several gyms to take all classes.

Math Class In Uva Academy

When have completed a gym or two, all classes are available. But if you are looking for a gym order, see our guide on what Gym Leader order is the best.

The classes available include everything from math, covering ability effectiveness on different types, to Home economics, tutorializing consumables and sandwiches.

  • Math – Damage, Multipliers, Percentages, and Shiny information
  • Biology – Habitats, Pokémon Behavior, and Breeding
  • History – Pokemon Lore and Locations
  • Battle Studies – Abilities, Terastralizing, and General Battle Techniques
  • LanguageCommunicating and Interacting with Your Pokemon and Languages in General
  • Art – Game Visuals Like Pokemon, Locations, and Structures
  • Home Economics – Consumables and Sandwich-making

Various Professors also hand out small fetch quests and items. As you complete classes and build relationships with them, by ‘getting closer’ after class, you can talk to them around the school.

When all classes of a subject are completed, you take the final and are rewarded for passing with exp candy. The same goes for midterms given halfway through a subject’s classes and a final reward for completing all subjects.

Do You Have To Do Academy Classes in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

No, you do not need to take any academy classes in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. They are tutorials with bonuses for completing them.

But classes and professors offer useful rewards for completing classes, acing midterms and finals, building up relationships, and finishing quests.

Front Desk of Uva Academy

Whether it’s your first time is playing a Pokémon game, or it’s just been a while, there several mechanics and facts that players pick up in the classes.

Even if you only want to get up to speed with a specific topic, you can take as many or as few classes as you feel like in any order.

There is also more to the school than in past games, with more fleshed-out professors, relationships, and side quests to take on.

What Do You Get From Completing Classes in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

You get five small Exp. candies for passing a midterm, five medium Exp. candies for passing a final, and five large Exp. candies for completing all subjects.

Professors also offer various rewards and items for completing sidequests and talking to them after academy classes.

Art Professor at the Gym

After three sessions in a class, you unlock a midterm in which you must correctly answer three out of five questions. To complete finals, unlocked after six classes, you must correctly answer four out of five questions to pass.

What Are the Answers to Midterms and Finals in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

All answers to midterms and finals are given to the player in classes, but we provided all correct answers below.

Midterms and finals essentially act like pop quizzes on the academy classes you just took. But for newer players still picking up the mechanics or veterans just wanting a quick reward, here are the answers.

Professor Jacq Intro

Art Midterm

  • A) Tera Jewel
  • A) The Grass Type
  • B) Hexagon
  • C) Medali
  • D) There’s No Correct Answer

Art Final

  • B) The Treasure Eatery
  • C) Surrendering Sunflora
  • A) Two
  • A) Levincia
  • A) False

Battle Studies Midterm

  • B) Special
  • C) The Move’s Name
  • B) Four
  • B) Terastallizing and Attacking
  • A) Fighting

Battle Studies Final

  • A) Go All Out!
  • C) Auto Battles
  • B) Exchange Materials
  • A) Lv. 50
  • A) True

Biology Midterm

  • B) ZR button
  • A) 2
  • B) Walking Around
  • A) Giving Them A Berry
  • C) Gym Badges

Biology Final

  • Two
  • B) False
  • B) No, It Won’t
  • B) 1 in 4,000
  • B) False

History Questions Before Midterm

  • Treasure
  • About two thousand years ago
  • About eight hundred years ago

History Midterm

  • A) The Great Crater of Paldea
  • C) Treasure
  • B) Approximately 2,000 Years Ago
  • A) 805 Years Ago
  • C) Knowledge

History Questions Before Final

  • Wooden planks for writing on
  • The Area Zero Expedition
  • Professor Turo / Sada

History Final

  • B) Area Zero
  • A) 805 Years Ago
  • B) A Folding Fan
  • C) Health
  • C) 10 Years Ago

Language Midterm

  • A) Thank you
  • B) Delicieux
  • D) Time to Eat
  • A) Compliment Them
  • C) Salvatore

Language Final

  • B) Delicieux
  • B) I Love You
  • B) Anger
  • A) Happiness
  • D) Salvatore

Math Midterm

  • C) Double Damage
  • A) Half Damage
  • C) Eleven
  • B) About 4 Percent
  • B) One-and-a-half Times As Much

Math Final

  • A) Five
  • B) 75
  • C) About 12 Percent
  • B) Triple Damage
  • C) 2

Once you’ve completed a few academy classes and maybe aced a midterm or final, you can take on one of the three storylines available in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

To find out which story path you should do first in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, check out our guide.

Or if you are just in it for the heart of the series, catching Pokemon, there are more than a few old favorites returning to add to your team.