Microsoft’s next console could be coming soon as a new Xbox dev kit has reportedly been certified in South Korea!

Before a console is formally announced, game developers are usually sent a dev kit for the upcoming machine. These kits are a mock version of a console with the same internal hardware and are used for game development.

They allow developers to make sure their game runs on the console and also let them make tweaks and optimizations to ensure that the game performs well too.

Therefore, it is exciting news that a new Xbox dev kit has been certified. It may signal that a new Xbox is on the way!

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New Xbox Dev Kit Certified in South Korea

As spotted by Xbox News for Koreans on X (formerly Twitter), South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency has approved a brand-new Xbox dev kit in the country.

This dev kit ” is likely to be distributed to game developers in Korea soon” and has the model number 2089.

Currently, we don’t know what console that the dev kit is for. However, there are two possibilities of what it could be.

Firstly, it could be a mid-generation upgrade for the Xbox Series X. Leaks suggest that a new Series X with no disc drive will be the only mid-generation console from Microsoft, but this may not be the case.

If this dev kit is for a new Series X model, then it will have some kind of hardware upgrade – likely a more powerful CPU or GPU. A console with the same processing power wouldn’t need a new dev kit.

Digital Xbox Series X Leaked Image
The Leaked Digital Xbox Series X via The Verge

Alternatively, this dev kit could be for the next-generation Xbox console. While it may be a little early for a next-gen dev kit, Xbox may want to release its next-gen flagship console as soon as possible in order to catch up to PlayStation in the console war.

Despite this, we don’t expect the next generation Xbox to arrive until the end of 2026 at the earliest.

Once these new Xbox dev kits actually reach game developers, we expect to hear some more rumors about the console. If it is for a mid-generation upgrade, then Microsoft will likely announce this console at some point over the Summer – so stay tuned!

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