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A New Warzone Map for Cold War Could Be Coming Soon

Black Ops Cold War might be finding its way into Warzone, with a new map leaked to be coming soon.

It’s looking like Cold War might be taken literally, as new evidence suggests that Warzone is getting a new Winter map. A second map for the battle royale game has been rumored for months at this point, but it could finally be about to drop.

We know from past statements that Black Ops Cold War will have a Warzone crossover. Players have been wondering for a while now as to how exactly this would be possible.

warzone new map 2
(Source: Reddit)

Now, it seems that Cold War is bringing more than just new weapons to the mix, and may come with its own map. Spotted in the Black Ops Cold War Beta files, users have discovered a series of new suspicious video files.

These clips each contain new never-seen-before areas, which fans believe could be sections of a second Warzone map. If Cold War is indeed bringing a new map to the table, we’d say this is a very plausible theory.

Cold War’s New Warzone Map

Spotted by users on Reddit, a clip called wz_forest_loadingmovie shows off a new forested area. It isn’t the only video that starts with these suspicious letters either.

Both Forest and an area called Ski Slopes have unique loading movies and gameplay footage. Although the presence of a loading movie might suggest that the two are upcoming Cold War maps, players have other ideas.

Many online users believe that the locations will be utilized in a second Warzone map, even if they make it into Cold War. This would be done in a similar way to Warzone’s existing locations being echos of past Call of Duty maps.

Additional Evidence of a New Warzone Map

A past leak from YouTuber XclusiveAce seems to confirm that these locations make up a new Warzone map. In the leak, the content creator explains that his insider source revealed a new battle royale, set in Russia.

The leak also suggested that locations on the map would include Mines, Chemical Lab, Weather Station, Ski Slopes, Duga, Zoo, and Battery. We’ve now confirmed that a Ski resort with Russian writing is present in the game.

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warzone new map
(Source: Reddit)

Therefore, it appears that this leak is very likely true, but there’s always room for doubt. We’ll have to wait and see what further reveals come alongside the launch of Cold War.

Assuming more details about the leak are correct, the release date is planned for this month, or early November. With that in mind, we don’t have to wait too much longer.

Currently, Black Ops Cold War players want SBMM changed more than any issue, according to a recent poll. Although thousands of players have joined the game’s online Beta, they aren’t without their complaints.

But perhaps the idea that players are having less fun in Warzone Season 6 could see a reversal with the release of a new map. It’s all comes down to how exactly well Cold War gameplay works with the battle royale elements.

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