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8000 PS5 Consoles Restocking at This Retailer Tomorrow – 12 May 2021

There’s another chance to get your hands on a PS5 in May 2021, as this retailer confirms a huge stock drop is incoming.

It’s tough to be a gamer without a PS5 in 2021, especially if you’re still desperately trying to hunt down the stock. Last month was a terrible period for restocks, but there’s finally some good news in sight.

If you’re a gamer who’s still looking to get your hands on a PS5 console, there’s a new major restock at this retailer tomorrow morning. And with over 8000 consoles reportedly up for grabs, it’s going to be an excellent chance at getting a PS5 of your very own.

PS5 May 12 Restock
(Source: Sony)

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GAME PS5 Restock Confirmed May 12

This time around, it’s UK fans who are in luck as retailer GAME confirms a PS5 restock is coming tomorrow.

For those in the US, check out all of this week’s upcoming PS5 restocks at Target, GameStop, Amazon, and more!

In a new reveal by GAME’s customer support, the retailer reveals that a new major PS5 restock will be taking place on May 12. You’ll have to get up early for this one, however, as the stock aims to go live at around 9:00-9:30 AM BST.

Just hours ago, we reported that PS5 stock levels would be low until 2022. Now, things are already looking up for some lucky gamers.

On GAME’s official website, the retailer appears to list a series of consoles as releasing on May 21. With that in mind, those who secure their next-gen console tomorrow morning may have a short wait before the device’s release.

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However, unusually for GAME, users are reporting that tomorrow’s drop may well just be PS5 consoles, with no associated bundles coming with them. This would certainly be nice, but PS5 bundles actually help fight scalpers!

Recently, we found out about a new PS5 redesign coming soon, that aims to increase stock levels. And it looks as though two new PS5 DualSense colors are also on the way!

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