A new Call of Duty MW3 promo code is granting players a whopping 8 hours of Double XP and Double Weapon XP, plus some extra goodies!

If you’re eager to race through the grind in Modern Warfare 3, this new promotional code will help you level up fast.

Not only can you get to max level in just a handful of games, but you’ll also have enough tokens to level up the very best weapons in MW3.

8 Hours of Double XP and Double Weapon XP Code

The MW3 promo code that provides 8 hours of Double XP and Double Weapon XP is:


Technically this code only grants users 4 tokens for 1-hour of Double XP and Double Weapon XP. However, you can redeem the code twice, totaling a staggering 8 hours of Double XP for both your account and weapon progress.

Double XP and Double Weapon XP in MW3

We can personally confirm that the code works not once but twice, as we now have an extra 8 1-hour tokens for both Double XP and Double Weapon XP.

How to Redeem

To redeem the Double XP token code:

  • Head to the MW3 Code Redemption Page
  • Sign into your Activision account
  • Then paste in the code 559Q-RXGN4-JZPP
  • Hit Submit
  • Then refresh the page and complete the steps above a second time for an additional 4 hours of Double XP and Double Weapon XP!
Double XP Redemption in MW2

If instead of the screen above, you get an error message, beginning: ‘ Please make sure you’re entering your 10 or 13 character code…’ don’t worry!

Many users are reporting that this pops up during the redemption attempt – we saw it ourselves at first too.

MW3 Code Error Message

Simply refresh the page, and keep trying the code, with the hyphens as displayed above.

After a few attempts, you should see the MW2 screen appear, with a message telling you that you’ve unlocked the Double XP.

And that’s not all! You’ll also unlock the following items:

  • Lightning Rod (Weapon Blueprint)
  • Grab the Popcorn (Calling Card)
  • WSOW (War Track)
  • Double Digits (Emblem)
  • You Dropped This (Camo)

Not bad for a free code! But the real draw of the promotion is certainly the 8 hours of 2XP and 2WXP that are available.

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