The Switch 2 can’t be too far away now, and Nintendo’s next console will almost certainly be full of great new features!

With rumors suggesting that the Switch 2 could release next year, Nintendo fans can’t help but think about what the console will be like. Of course it’ll be an upgrade in terms of hardware power, but it should also have a number of other improvements too.

Here are the 8 upgrades and features we’d like to see in the Nintendo Switch 2:

Upgraded Joy-Cons With Less Stick Drift

Holding Joy-Con Controllers

The first major improvement that the Nintendo Switch 2 needs is upgraded Joy-Con controllers.

The Switch’s Joy-Cons are notorious for stick drift and can be quite uncomfortable to hold for extended periods of time, so both of these issues should be addressed for the Switch 2.

Ideally, Nintendo will use a more durable thumbstick module for the Switch 2’s Joy-Cons to make stick drift much less common. Additionally, having slightly larger and more ergonomic Joy-Cons would be great for long gaming sessions and couch multiplayer!

Improved Battery Life

Switch With No Battery Logo

Anotehr must-have feature for the Switch 2 is improved battery life. This is especially important if the graphical capability of the console will be greatly upgraded too.

The Switch OLED has a battery life of 4.5 – 9 hours on a single charge. This is pretty good for a handheld console, but we’d like to see the Switch 2 aim for 6-10 hours.

Even a relatively small improvement to the battery would be great for gamers on the go, as you never want to run out of battery while on a flight or have to carry around a charger everywhere you go!

A Larger 120Hz OLED Screen

Switch OLED on Brown Table

A larger screen is one of the most highly-requested features for the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch.

Fortunately, leaks suggest that the Switch 2 could feature an 8-inch screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate. This is significantly larger than the 6.2-inch screen of the Switch and the 7-inch screen of the Switch OLED and matches the size of the PlayStation Portal’s screen.

This larger screen area shouldn’t increase the overall size of the console too much, as the bezels around the screen will likely be much smaller. However, a larger screen will make a pretty significant difference when using the console in handheld mode.

Unfortunately, rumors suggest that Nintendo will not be including an OLED screen on the Switch 2 and will instead be opting for an LCD like the original Switch. The reason behind this is unknown, but it is likely to keep the cost down or improve the battery life.

Improved GPU & CPU

Splatoon 3 on the Nintendo Switch OLED

One feature that the Switch 2 will definitely have is a more powerful GPU and CPU. However, the question is how powerful it’ll be.

Don’t expect PS5-level performance from the Switch 2, but there’s been plenty of advancement in this field since the Switch was released in 2017.

We believe that the Switch 2 will be roughly as powerful as a Steam Deck, which would be a huge improvement on the original Switch. In home console terms, this is slightly more powerful than a PS4, whereas the original Switch was more comparable to a PS3 or Xbox 360.

4K Support

Nintendo Switch OLED

Following on from the improved CPU and GPU, we hope that the Switch 2 will support 4K when docked. This could come in the form of native 4K or upscaled 4K via DLSS.

While the screen itself won’t be 4K, the option to play games in 4K when the Switch is docked should be a must-have feature.

This will take the already beautiful graphics of Nintendo games to the next level with added fidelity!

Full Backward Compatibility

Nintendo Switch Insert Cartridge

Backward compatibility would be an excellent feature for the Switch 2 and, fortunately, we believe it is very likely.

Nintendo often includes backward compatibility in its consoles, whether that is the DS, 3DS, Wii U, or Wii. Therefore, as long as the Switch 2 continues to use cartridges, it will almost certainly be backward compatible.

This will allow Nintendo fans to continue playing their favorite games on their brand-new Switch 2. Although, there should hopefully be plenty of great new games too…

A Strong Lineup of Launch Titles

Mario Kart 8 - Mario, Yoshi and Bowser

A console is only as good as its games, so Nintendo fans are hoping that the Switch 2’s launch library is full of must-play titles.

Fortunately, Nintendo has a star-studded cast of characters that are well overdue a new game.

Some of the predicted Switch 2 launch titles include Mario Kart 9, a new Animal Crossing and Pokemon Legends: Z-A. Any of these would convince plenty of gamers to pick up the new console on day 1!

A $400 or Less Price Point

Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite

Finally, the Switch 2 needs to keep a lower price point than the PS5 or Xbox Series X, with $400 being a good figure that gamers would happily pay.

Nintendo has always priced its console reasonably, so this certainly seems the likely price point for the Switch 2. However, improved hardware could also hike up the cost.

As the Switch 2 will almost certainly be less powerful than the PS5 or Xbox Series X, we also expect the console to cost quite a bit less, even if it is portable and has a built-in screen.

Nintendo Switch Logo

Stay tuned for any official announcements from Nintendo about the Switch 2. If the console does release in early 2025, expect it to be announced in late 2024!

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