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8 Biggest Changes Overwatch 2 Needs to Be Successful

With Overwatch 2 beta set to release in late April, here’s a list of changes that we think the game needs to be a hit.

With multiple gameplay reveals and Overwatch League pros playtesting the sequel to the game, fans’ expectations are at an all-time high.

On top of this, Aaron Keller, Overwatch’s Game Director, has admitted to their faults and promised to provide exciting and regular content to the players.

And if you’re wondering how to get access to Overwatch 2 beta, it’s just a few clicks away!

While Blizzard’s conviction seems strong for the latest title, here are some lessons learned from the predecessor that can help Overwatch 2 be a fun experience for a long time.

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8 Changes Overwatch 2 Will Need With Release

8. Regular Content Updates for Overwatch 2

We understand that it’s not easy to balance a game consisting of 32 unique heroes and growing. However, the fans are angry with the developers abandoning Overwatch for almost two years.

While Overwatch 2 will have new heroes, maps, and game modes, Echo still remains the newest hero in Overwatch. The hero was added in April 2020, and the game has received only a few major updates ever since.

We know how important content creators are to a game’s growth. While Overwatch kickstarted the streaming careers for the likes of xQc, sinatraa, Loserfruit, and countless more, a majority of them had left the game, thanks to a lack of exciting content and frustrating metas.

7. Less Shields

With the PvP set to launch before the PvE in the late April beta, Overwatch 2 will be moving from the traditional 6vs6 mode to 5vs5.

As a result, the team at Blizzard has decided to remove one tank from the team comp, leaving two damage dealers, two supports, and one tank.

Of course, this helps lower the number of shields. But other characters like Mei can provide an ice wall shield as well. Not to mention the terror Bastion unleashed sitting in its turret mode, guarded by the shield during the early days of the game.

That said, no player, especially those playing DPS, enjoys shooting down the shields for the entirety of the match. The developers should aim to keep the shields and barriers as low as possible in Overwatch 2.

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6. Ditch 2CP Maps

Jeff Kaplan, former Game Director for Overwatch, confirmed that Overwatch 2 will not have 2CP maps. They shared their comments on the matter in the official Overwatch creator Discord server.

However, Jeff has left the development team and the company since then, due to the many controversies surrounding Blizzard. You would be surprised to find out how much Microsoft paid to acquire and save Activision Blizzard!

It’s no surprise that the 2CP maps like Hanamura and Volskaya have been the bane of every Overwatch player’s existence. The games more often than not end with a team winning by a small margin during the overtime.

On top of this, it doesn’t matter if you did well through the match. It comes down to which team can snowball harder and not drop players.

Also, the defending team’s spawns are so close to the second capture point that it prolongs the game far more than it needs to.

Whether Overwatch 2 will steer away from 2CP maps entirely remains to be seen, but it would be good to give fans what they want. And they want to play maps that don’t stall for so long!

5. Crossplay in Overwatch 2

It took Blizzard five years to release crossplay for Overwatch, allowing players to play with their friends on different platforms.

Overwatch relies heavily on teamwork and the community was demanding crossplay since the game’s launch. Despite the feature making its way into the base game, we still don’t know if it’s going to be a part of Overwatch 2.

It would lead to a better experience for the countless players looking to team up with their friends on different platforms.

Also, while we’re talking about console players, why is the Overwatch 2 beta for PC only? We’re hoping the console players aren’t overlooked going forward, especially when everyone has been waiting for years for the sequel’s release.

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4. Scoreboard in Overwatch 2 – Change the Way Stats Are Displayed

You would think an FPS game without a proper scoreboard will not work. However, Overwatch hasn’t had this feature since its launch.

At the time, Overwatch developers’ rationale behind such a bold move was to limit the toxicity and avoid the blame game. With players seeing how everyone in their team is performing, Blizzard feared it would lead to underperforming players being harassed.

But the fans seem to think otherwise and want to see their team’s performances, even if it doesn’t fully depict a player’s contribution to the team.

Every game will have toxic players and a fair share of players willing to adapt and learn. We believe the current medal system also has its issues and is inferior when compared to a full-blown scoreboard.

Also, if a tank on your team has gold eliminations or damage, more often than not, they make it their job to announce that their DPS players are bad.

Although, it appears that the On Fire meter will bid farewell. Since Overwatch already tracks each player’s performance, Blizzard might be working on a scoreboard for Overwatch 2.

on fire meter removed overwatch 2 scoreboard
A comparison between Overwatch 2’s health bar (left) and the old health bar with a blue On Fire meter. (Source: KarQ)

3. Better Queue Times

While adding the Role Queue was the right decision, players now have to wait longer in queues to find a match.

However, if you’re looking to play DPS, finding a match has become a pain, with players reporting queuing times over 30 minutes occasionally.

The issue was so widespread that players at the highest level could not find a match for over an hour. As a result, some streamers had to stop playing DPS altogether as no viewer wants to watch a queue simulator.

That said, we’re not sure how Blizzard can lower the queue times in Overwatch 2. Having the option to queue as a flex, support, tank or damage is definitely something that the community wanted for a long time.

But some fundamental changes to the heroes might be great to provide a greater sense of contribution and fulfillment to the players filling the tank and support roles.

2. Quality of Life Changes

There are plenty of small changes that can enhance the player experience for Overwatch 2. We’ve listed a few of them below.

Limit smurfing

We’ve all been in matches where a low-level Genji dominates for the entirety of the match. Smurfs can be avoided by putting an SMS verification system for every player, like the one that exists for the Top 500 players.

Option to hide your player border

Now, not everyone may use it. But some players tend to put some serious grind into the game, unlocking the player badges in the process.

While this shiny border looks great, a lot of players judge a player’s skill based on the hours they have put into the game. It would be nice to let the players decide if they want to display their progress or not.

Tutorials for new players

The quick tutorial is not enough for a complex game with 32 heroes in Overwatch. On top of this, Overwatch 2 will be getting more heroes.

Overwatch is more than just a shooter game and requires players to time their abilities as well. Tutorials on how to play each role should be a part of Overwatch 2.

Also, the game requires players to be Level 25 to queue for a competitive match. This is too low of a requirement for a game with so many characters and variables.

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1. New Heroes That Don’t Take Over the Meta – Biggest Change Overwatch 2 Needs

Overwatch had 21 characters in its hero pool during the launch and Blizzard has added 11 new heroes since then.

With most heroes getting frequent balance changes, everything changed with the addition of Brigette in March 2018. The developers were aiming for Brigette to destroy the dive meta in Overwatch, but things didn’t go as planned.

North American Overwatch team GOATS was quick to realize the monstrous heals that Brigette brought to the team. As a result, the 3 tanks and 3 supports team comp was popularly known as “Goats”.

From pro players to players queueing to climb the ranked ladder, everyone hated this comp.

“I would rather do pushups, I would rather lose weight, I would rather run a mile. Things like that, those are some things I’d rather do than play Overwatch right now in this meta,” stated popular streamer TimTheTatman, growing tired of the stale meta in the game, one year after its launch.

With Overwatch 2, Blizzard already has a template of “what not to do”. And avoiding the addition of heroes that break the game or become a must-pick to win should be a must.

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Whether Blizzard turns the Overwatch fans’ frown upside down remains to be seen. But the developers have a big challenge ahead of them and Overwatch fans don’t shy away from expressing their opinions.

Also, Battlefield 2042 didn’t add a scoreboard until recently and it drove the fans into a frenzy of rage. With that said, some changes for Overwatch 2 should be a high priority.

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