The 2023 Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular event is shaking up which Pokemon you can hatch from 7km Eggs!

A new hatch pool featuring four Psychic-type Pokemon will be coming to 7km Eggs for the duration of the Psychic Spectacular event. And while it contains a few classic Egg Pokemon, this new Egg could also contain Solosis, which just got a shiny form!

Any 7km Egg you obtain during the Psychic Spectacular event (from 10 AM local time on September 20 to 8 PM local time on September 24) will be an event Egg containing one of the following four Pokemon:

  • Smoochum
  • Wynaut
  • Chingling
  • Solosis
7km Egg Hatches Psychic Spectacular

There is an equal chance of hatching any of these Pokemon from your 7km Psychic Spectacular Egg, as they are all tier 1 rarity. However, only three of them can be shiny, as shiny Chingling is not in the game yet.

Check out the table below to see the shiny versions of the 7km event Egg Pokemon.

PokemonStandard Shiny
SmoochumSmoochum Pokemon GOShiny Smoochum Pokemon GO
WynautWynaut Pokemon GOShiny Wynaut Pokemon GO
ChinglingChingling Pokemon GONot Available
SolosisSolosis Pokemon GOShiny Solosis Pokemon GO

If you want to hatch more of these Pokemon, you’ll need to open more gifts from your in-game friends. This is because the only way to get 7km Eggs in Pokemon GO, including the limited-time event ones, is by opening gifts.

However, if you are after shiny Solosis in particular, there are quicker ways to get one than by hatching 7km Eggs. You can also get Solosis encounters from the new Field Research Tasks as well as the Psychic Spectacular Timed Research.

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