The 2023 Pokemon GO Lunar New Year event has updated all of the Pokemon that you can hatch from 7km Eggs!

The five new Pokemon in the 2023 Lunar New Year 7km Egg are:

  • Chingling
  • Darumaka
  • Galarian Darumaka
  • Riolu
  • Scraggy

Find out how to get more 7km Eggs in Pokemon GO if you want to hatch all of these Pokemon!

Chingling, Riolu, and Scraggy are not very often encountered in the wild, but both variants of Darumaka will be available as wild Pokemon spawns, Raid bosses, and Field Research rewards during the 2023 Lunar New year event.

Also, before you hatch any Eggs, don’t forget to install the official Pokemon GO Egg Widget. This handy feature will let you keep track of how much further you need to walk to hatch your Eggs!

The table below shows which of the 7km Egg Pokemon could be shiny. In fact, the shiny versions of three of the five Pokemon are available to hatch!

PokemonImageCan it be Shiny?
ChinglingChingling Pokemon GONo
DarumakaDarumaka Pokemon GOYes
Galarian DarumakaGalarian DarumakaYes
RioluRiolu Pokemon GOYes
ScraggyScraggy Pokemon GONo

Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out the exact odds of each of these Pokemon being shiny.

Also, there are plenty of types of Eggs to hatch in Pokemon GO, each containing different Pokemon. Here are all of the Egg types in the game and what ‘Mon they can contain:

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