Call of Duty is looking to win back the favor of its player base by bringing seven new multiplayer maps to MW2 in Season 4.

One of the biggest criticisms of Modern Warfare 2 was the lack of maps during the first few updates, but it seems that this is changing in a big way.

The maps coming to MW2 Season 4 feature an interesting variety of Battle, Core, and Gunfight maps with various locales. It seems as if Call of Duty is trying to rebrand itself for this new season with a new approach to how much content players get this season.

Two new 6v6 Maps, two Gunfight Maps, and two Battle Maps will be coming at launch with the Season 4 update on June 14. One more 6v6 Map is coming later with the Mid-Season update.

Showdown (Core Map)

Showdown MW2 Season 4 Map

Showdown is one of the new Core Maps coming to MW2 Season 4, but it’ll likely be familiar to players who frequent Al Mazrah in Warzone.

It is a map that was originally in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and was later added to the Ahkdar Village area of the Al Mazrah battle royale map in Warzone.

It’s a medium-sized map with plenty of open spaces for players to engage in gunfights.

Kunstenaar District (Core Map)

Art District MW2 Season 4 Map

Kunstenarr District directly translates to Arts District and is a point of interest from the new Warzone map, Vondel.

It features vibrant streets full of townhouses, boutique shops, a central plaza, and beautiful street art. This map is a site to behold, but if you’re too distracted, you may find yourself flanked by an enemy.

Mercado (Gunfight Map)

Mercado MW2 Season 4 Map

The Mercado follows a similar theme to other maps located in Las Almas. It resembles an abandoned market that is cleared out and meant for Gunfight and Face Off battles.

It features multiple levels and paths to flank, so you’ll need to strategize with your duo or trio to get the best results.

Penthouse (Gunfight Map)

Penthouse MW2 Season 4 Map

The Penthouse takes players to the top of one of the tallest buildings in the heart of Chicago to engage in one of the more luxurious maps Call of Duty has ever put out.

This map features a lap pool, a fire pit, and a modern interior that will require players to focus on their enemies and not the beautiful skylines to obtain victory.

Mawizeh Marshlands (Battle Map)

Mawizeh Marshland MW2 Season 4 Map

Mawizeh Marshlands is a new Battle Map that features the familiar River Diamond Luxury Resort that many Warzone players have visited plenty of times.

It features various terrains because of its murky waters and will have players jumping into vehicles to flank the enemy team quickly.

Ahkdar Village (Battle Map)

Ahkdar Village Season 4 Map MW2

Ahkdar Village is another map new to MW2 multiplayer but familiar to those playing Warzone. This Battle Map features plenty of rooftops and builds to give players plenty of areas to test their skills.

Since the village is so open, vehicular combat will also play a large role in your matches while in Ahkdar Village.

Vondel Waterfront (Core Map, Mid-Season)

Only one map is coming to Modern Warfare 2 with the mid-season update in Season 4 Reloaded, and that is the Vondel Waterfront.

Vondel Waterfront is a Core Map that also takes one of the new points of interest of the Warzone Season 4 map, Vondel.

Vondel Waterfront

There isn’t much information on it yet, but it’s one of the many things players can look forward to with MW2 and Warzone Season 4.