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6000 PS5 Consoles Will Be Restocked At This Retailer From Tomorrow

The struggle to get a hold of a next-gen console is real. However, one retailer has confirmed that over 6000 PS5’s will be restocked and available, starting from tomorrow.

Unfortunately for many gamers, getting a hold of a PlayStation 5 has become a real nightmare. Not only is stock scarce, but scalpers are partly but directly responsible for the entire stock situation.

The best way to secure a PlayStation 5 is to be exceptionally lucky when a restock happens. However, often these PS5 restocks are a surprise, usually, there is little to no warning.

This time around, one retailer has shared their plans to restock over 6000 PS5’s, which will be available starting from tomorrow. Amazon also had a huge PS5 restock earlier today, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled.

Huge PS5 Restock Coming Tomorrow

According to new information, one retailer will be restocking a huge amount of PS5 consoles from tomorrow. Any gamer interested in picking up a shiny new next-gen PS5 should definitely watch this space.

However, be warned that with the current situation stock often sells out within minutes. Scalping has become a serious problem for shoppers, despite this, some scalping groups have tried to defend their position.

A number of days ago we reported on this huge PS5 restock coming in February to this retailer. However, it now appears that another retailer has beaten them to the chase.

As of tomorrow, over 6000 PS5’s will be available to buy from this select retailer. The update comes from PS5 UK Stock Alerts on Twitter, who had this to say regarding PS5 stock.

It appears that the retailer in question is The retailer has stocked PS5’s before although they have sold out very quickly. However, the considerable amount arriving should ensure lucky shoppers can grab one.

Interestingly, recently a leaker confirmed that a major PS5 restock would be delayed this week. However, despite this, it appears that PS5 stock is becoming much more readily available.

PlayStation 5 Restock – When To Buy

The PlayStation 5 restock should be dropping tomorrow at, but when is the best time to try and snag a PS5? According to PS5 UK Stock Alerts on Twitter, stock could drop “anytime between 9 AM and 1:30 PM”

Shoppers will want to ensure they are up early for the best chance at getting a PS5. We recommend making sure everything is in order before this time though, just in case.

Furthermore, some lucky PlayStation 5 owners have even received their PS5’s on the same day from this retailer. If you do manage to pick one up from this retailer instead, you may be able to get it delivered much sooner.

The rumor of a new PS5 restock has been confirmed by on Twitter. This means that for eager PlayStation fans, a new PS5 could be theirs from tomorrow.

Check out the Twitter conversation below to see exactly what had to say regarding the PS5 restock:

PS5 Restock
(Source: Twitter)

As you can see, VeryHelpers on Twitter has confirmed that stock will be dropping tomorrow, however, they do not have a specific time schedule for when this will be.

However, VeryHelpers does state that this will be tomorrow (17th Feb) and could be in the “late morning”. Therefore we recommend staying on alert until the drop happens.

If you do find you are unlucky tomorrow, don’t worry as there is still a way to be notified of new PS5 restocks. You can check out our UK PS5 Restock Tracker here to be notified exactly when new PS5 stock goes live.

It appears that now is the perfect time to pick up a PS5 console as there is plenty to look forward to. A new Sony job listing has teased a brand new open-world game for fans to get excited about.

Furthermore, a recent Spider-Man 2 leak has revealed insane details about the game, including 3 playable characters and more.

It seems like PS5 fans have plenty to keep their hands busy, so long as they can keep their DualSense controllers working properly of course…

We will continue to keep you updated on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S stock situation. Stay tuned for more updates regarding PS5 stock and where best to get it from.

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