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5 Things We Need in Warzone Pacific Season 2

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific hasn’t had the best of times since its launch, the new map, Caldera, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and the sheer amount of bugs present in the game would make you think you were running around the Pacific for real. Season 2 gives the game an opportunity to start afresh, we look at some changes we’d like to see to get the game back on track.

And while we got a Warzone Pacific Season 1 Reloaded update recently, the big changes likely lie further ahead, with the first full new season.

On that note, we are plotting the five things we want to see in Warzone Pacific Season 2.

A New Gulag

“But we just got a new Gulag!” – I hear you cry. And yes, you would be correct, but – let’s be honest – it doesn’t have a patch on the Gulag of old. 

Warzone Pacific Caldera Gulag

The new Gulag has too many angles and pathways, which might lead you to think that the resultant fights are highly dynamic, but you’d be wrong. Caldera Gulag duels usually devolve into both players hiding behind the red containers, listening intently for the quietest of sounds before popping out like Oscar the Grouch armed with an AK-47.

It’s a far cry from Verdansk’s nail-biting last stand and the game feels all the worse for it.

Squash the Pacific’s Bugs

When we first heard Warzone was going to the Pacific with World War 2-era weapons, we couldn’t help but think of HBO’s The Pacific or Clint Eastwood’s epic two-parter Letters from Iwo Jima and Flags of our Fathers.  

We assumed; lush and unforgiving jungle, difficult terrain, and bugs more deadly than the people you are there to fight. And in one sense, we were not let down because Warzone Pacific landed with big whopping bugs – just not the type you might have expected.

It may be slightly better than at launch, but any regular player of Warzone Pacific will tell you that crashes, weird graphical glitches, and poor performance still plague the game. Every other suggestion on what we’d like to see in Season Two could be ignored if these stability issues were resolved once and for all.

FOV Slider for Consoles

It is one of the most requested features and one that Raven Software, the principal developers behind Warzone, have said they are actively looking to implement. 

For those unaware, a FOV slider allows you to increase (or decrease) your field of view; increasing it enables you to see more of your surroundings, and without it, console players are at a disadvantage when going up against PC players.

Whether console players will ever actually get a FOV slider is not clear. Word in the community is that the reason for the lack of FOV slider is performance issues related to the older generation consoles. With so many players still taking to Caldera on their PlayStation 4’s and Xbox One’s the chances that the developers want to further disadvantage a section of the community is unlikely.

Let’s hope they can find a workaround.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Needs to Say ‘Goodbye’ to Bloom

The WW2-era weapons were always going to have detractors but even they must feel that those that love running around with an M1 Garand or STG 44, have got a raw deal.

Introduced with the integration of Vanguard’s arsenal, the main reason many of these weapons are performing so poorly compared to those from Modern Warfare and Cold War is that many use a recoil mechanic called “bloom”.

Bloom is a mechanic that gradually makes your aim more inaccurate. The longer you fire, the larger area your bullets can potentially go, no matter how finely tuned your weapon is or how good you are at controlling recoil. It is totally random and wholly unsuitable for a competitive battle royale.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 bloom STG 44

The developers are aware of the issue and released a patch in December that reduced bloom in some weapons but didn’t remove it entirely – despite reports to the contrary. We can only hope that by the release of Warzone Pacific Season 2 all weapons are made equal.

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Stop Complaining About the Map in Warzone Pacific Season 2

You heard us! Caldera is a great battle royale map. With its many elevated positions, those that know the art of positioning are rewarded in a way that the run-and-gun nature of Verdansk never did. We are not saying that Verdansk was bad – far from it – but Caldera is different and that doesn’t mean worse.

Caldera Warzone Season 2

So, if you were one of those players that took an instant disliking to the way the map flows, why not use Season 2 as a reason to go in with fresh eyes and an open mind. 

Hopefully, some of the game’s more pertinent issues are resolved and you can once again fall in love with Call of Duty: Warzone.

Finally, if you’re one of the impatient ones and want to prepare yourself for the next season already, make sure you know when Warzone Pacific Season 2 starts.

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Joe labarba

Wednesday 19th of January 2022

How about giving us a choice of what map we wanna play or weather we want to be in a lobby with pc players