If you’re looking for some easy item duplication or just a huge DPS ranged weapon, the x5 shot bow is a must-have in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK.

What’s better than firing one arrow at opponents? That’s right, firing five!

With the x5 shot bow in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll never need to worry about missing again. What’s more, with just one shot of your bow, you’ll be doing quintuple the damage to your enemies.

Getting your hands on a 5 shot bow is incredibly easy but there are a few steps that players will need to know:

Zelda TOTK: How to Get a x5 Shot Bow

To get your hands on a guaranteed x5 shot bow in Zelda: TOTK, players first need to get a x3 shot bow and upgrade it for free using Rock Octoroks.

The best source of x3 shot bows are Lynels, powerful enemies that will always drop the ranged weapon on defeat.

It’s worth noting that higher-tier Lynels, such as the Silver and White-Maned Lynels, can also drop 5 shot bows outright.

For a guaranteed Lynel spawn, we recommend going to the Floating Coliseum in The Depths (Coordinates: -1148, -1307, -0447), which is just north from the Great Abandoned Central Mine, where you learned Autobuild.

Zelda TOTK How to Get a x5 Shot Bow

Hop into the Coliseum’s central area and your first opponent, a Lynel, will spawn.

How to Defeat a Lynel

Beating a Lynel is easier than you’d think, particularly if you have Tulin, the Sage of Wind, to help out.

  • For most Lynel attacks, simply block with your shield or dodge to the side if you’d prefer to attempt a Flurry Rush.
Lynel in Zelda TOTK
  • Parry a Lynel’s attack (L + A) to stun it, or wait until it’s at range to aim at its face with your bow.
  • Hitting a Lynel with a headshot will leave it stunned for longer, allowing you to run up to it and press A to climb on its back. Tulin will often headshot the Lynel for you, making this step a breeze!
How to Beat Lynels in Zelda TOTK
  • Then, hit the Lynel repeatedly until Link flies off. Incidentally, this doesn’t contribute to weapon durability, so use your strongest weapons without fear of breakage!

After a few stuns and beatdowns, the Lynel will be mincemeat. Grab the loot it drops to claim your x3 shot bow and then you can fast travel out of there!

How to Get a 3 Shot Bow in Zelda TOTK

Alternatively, finish the Coliseum fight and you’ll be able to unlock Majora’s Mask.

How to Upgrade x3 Shot Bow

To upgrade the x3 shot bow into a x5 shot bow, you’ll need to travel to Sibajitak Shrine, north of Death Mountain.

There, we’ve got the location of 7 Rock Octoroks which will help you upgrade your 3 shot bow into a 5 shot bow.

Where to Find Rock Octorok Locations in Zelda TOTK

To get an Octorok to upgrade your weapon, simply drop the bow in front of the monster, and let it suck it up.

You’ll notice that the creature will sparkle, indicating that your bow just got an upgrade, before spitting it back out.

Using a Rock Octorok to Upgrade Bow in Zelda TOTK

Grab your bow and check it out in your inventory to see what upgrade it received. If the bow still isn’t a x5, simply take it to another Octorok and repeat the process.

This will replace the current upgrade, but each Octorok will only be able to perform their magic on a single weapon. You’ll need to defeat the enemy and wait until the next Blood Moon to reset the creature’s potential.

5 Shot Bow in Zelda TOTK

This upgrade trick also works with a single Rock Octorok, by simply saving before giving it your bow and reloading until it spits out the x5 version!

Now that you’ve got the ability to fire 5 arrows at once, you’ll be able to use TOTK’s item duplication trick to its full effect. Have fun rolling in Diamonds!

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