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4 New Pokemon Leaked for Pokemon Unite – Dragonite, Blaziken & More

Unbelievably, we now have 4 new leaked Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite, including some real fan-favorites.

Pokemon Unite is one of those games that just keeps on giving. Every few weeks, Tencent has a new Pokemon dropping and yet the roster rarely feels unbalanced.

Of course, this insane 4000 DPS build ruined the game for a while, but usually the developer is quick to put out a fix.

One thing Tencent isn’t able to master though, is successfully keeping secrets. And recently we found out which Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Unite next.

Pokemon Unite

Now, we may well know the next FOUR challengers that will be dropping over the next few months.

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Next Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Unite – Datamine Leaks

Thanks to a new leak from a Pokemon Unite dataminer, it seems we have 4 new Pokemon coming soon to Pokemon Unite!

Recently, one dataminer was correct about 2 new Pokemon Unite additions coming to the game. Now, anotherleaker is back with a brand-new prediction.

It appears that fan-favorite Pokemon Dragonite is already present in the Pokemon Unite files, complete with its own art. This suggests that the Dragon-Type Pokemon will be coming very soon.

Thanks to ElChicoEevee for finding the image above!

Before that, we already know that Tsareena will arrive in Pokemon Unite, and potentially be given out for free too! And after that, things get even more interesting.

4 New Pokemon Unite Character Leaks

Thanks to a new post from the Pokemon Unite Philippines Facebook page, we may be getting a hint at what’s next to come. The social media account teased 4 additional challengers, the first being Dragonite, asking players to react to the Pokemon they most wanted in-game.

What’s notable is that each Pokemon already has artwork in the Unite style. This doesn’t confirm anything, but it certainly suggests that the Pokemon in the image are on the way.

The Pokemon in question are Wobbuffet, Blaziken, and Gallade. We’re certain that fans would love all 3 additions, as well as Tsareena and Dragonite!

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Pokemon Unite New Characters Dragonite Blaziken Wobbuffet

But what’s interesting is that Gallade may start as Ralts, a Pokemon that’s already in the game as Gardevoir. It’ll be interesting to see how Pokemon Unite handles this new evolution line, and if two Ralts can be on a team at once!

Meanwhile, Pokemon Unite Season 2 has huge hidden changes for players to discover! And, if these leaks are true, it could end up being the best season yet!

That said, a number of players are feeling burned out by the grind of the Pokemon Unite battle pass!

And more are angry at the extortionate pricing of Holowear in Unite.

Tencent may need to add more than just new Pokemon to keep fans happy.

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Tuesday 25th of January 2022

I really want to see these 6 pokemons on my list that I am eager to play with: 1. Gyarados 2. Inteleon 3. Alakazam 4. Altaria 5. Tyrantrum and 6. Onyx-Steelex It would be amazing to see them coming in this game asap...! Its a request to pokemon unite creators to bring these amazing challengers in this game.. I'm sure they will come in sometime but try it sooner.. Thanks

Thursday 23rd of December 2021

Please come Blaziken