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343 Responds to Halo Infinite Store Prices Rising

Halo’s Community Director, Brian Jarrard, has responded to concerns players have about the steady increase in the armor bundle prices in the Halo Infinite Store.

Despite 343 Industries maintaining a solid line of communication about Halo Infinite’s future, players still end up disappointed.

Recently, players on social media noted that the armor bundles were rising in price. Thankfully, 343 has been prompt to respond and explain these changes.

Here’s what they had to say about the issues players have with the Halo Infinite Store prices.

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Halo Infinite Season 2
343 Industries

343 Claims Armor Price Increase is Due to Bundle Rarity

Halo’s Community Director, Brian Jarrard, claims that the difference in the armor prices is due to the quantity and rarity of the items included in the bundle.

According to Brian Jarrard, this is how the pricing system has always worked. He knows that the community isn’t too fond of how the shop is currently set up. But the Halo Infinite Store is a learning experience for them, and they are experimenting with a few things.

He also noted that they are taking shop feedback into account, but if there were changes, it would take some time.

This comes shortly after Halo Infinite’s Head of Design parted ways with 343 Industries.

In the past, players have also been frustrated with the price of the armor coating microtransactions and individual item prices.

But 343 had listened to feedback and implemented a store change. Players were happy with this change, but it seems that we’re back to square one.

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If there is any update, we can expect to see it in one of the upcoming Drop Pods. The first Drop Pod is coming soon and will feature new UI and Ranked changes that players have been asking for!

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