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3 New Pokemon Leaked for Pokemon Unite – Decidueye & More

Pokemon Unite is on a roll, and we’ve got 3 new Pokemon leaked to come to the game soon including fan-favorite Decidueye.

Lately, Pokemon Unite has been killing it with the new additions. We’ve had a new Pokemon arrive with every couple of weeks, and every one feels fun and varied.

Most recently, we finally got Sylveon and the new addition wasted no time rocketing to the top of the Pokemon Unite Tier List!

Not 48 hours later, Sylveon was hit by a massive nerf to balance the Pokemon.

pokemon unite sylveon october 8 patch notes

Now, the Attacker is in a much better place, though Pokemon Unite’s best Sylveon build is still incredibly powerful.

before that, we saw Mamoswine come out of the left field, and the ginormous Pokemon is incredibly fun to play. And now we know about 3 more challengers that may be dropping into the game soon.

Next Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Unite – Datamine Leaks

Thanks to a new leak from a Pokemon Unite dataminer, it seems we have 3 new Pokemon coming soon to Pokemon Unite!

Right now, we’ve got no official announcement as to what the next Pokemon will be in Pokemon Unite. For the first time since the game’s official launch, we’re completely in the dark.

Or at least we would be, if not for the talented dataminer eclipse_tt on Twitter. The Pokemon leaker reveals 3 new creatures that are likely to be coming to Unite very soon.


Greedent Pokemon Unite

First of all, it seems that Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Greedent is coming to the game. This Normal-Type Pokemon is a bit of an odd pick, but Pokemon Unite does throw us some curveballs from time to time.

Greedent evolves from Skwovet and the squirrel-like Pokemon is known for its greedy nature. Expect benefits for eating Berries and maybe even the ability to store them in its cheeks if this leak becomes a reality.


Thievul Pokemon Unite

Next up in the recent datamine was Thievul, a Dark-Type fox Pokemon also from Gen 8. This time though, Thievul is reportedly in the Pokemon Unite files as a ‘mob’, suggesting that it’ll be a new Wild Pokemon, rather than a playable character.

Could Thievul’s inclusion hint at more upcoming Pokemon Unite maps coming in a future update? We’d like to hope that there’ll be a greater variety in the future, with a lot more Wild Pokemon to encounter.

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Decidueye Pokemon Unite

Finally and most excitingly, Decidueye appears to be one of the candidates for the next Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite. The Pokemon first arrived with Sun and Moon and its starter form Rowlett is even a big part of Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

Decidueye is a Grass/Ghost-Type which is an intriguing combination. Plus, its archer-esque nature would make it a perfect ranged fighter in Pokemon Unite, with some fun Moves to boot!

Let’s hope that the update that brings our next contender also brings a nerf for this insane Venusaur build in Pokemon Unite. Right now, Venusaur is definitely one of the strongest meta picks in the game and it’s getting too overpowering.

Meanwhile, fans are angry at this ridiculously expensive Pokemon Unite cosmetic item – and we can’t blame them. Tencent is clearly testing the waters to see what it can get away with right now.

If you’re still trying to figure out whether Pokemon Unite is better on mobile or Nintendo Switch, we have the answer for you here!

But one thing’s for certain – the Pokemon Unite Pay to Win features seem a lot less severe right now!

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