A new Pokemon GO datamine has revealed that 3 more highly-requested Mega Evolutions will be coming to the game soon!

Not every Pokemon has a Mega Evolution and even fewer of these Mega Pokemon from mainline titles have made their way to Pokemon GO so far.

This is despite the recent Pokemon GO Mega evolution update making Mega Pokemon more popular and more useful than ever!

Luckily for Mega Pokemon fans, developer Niantic looks to be adding a trio of popular Megas to the game soon. Here are the three new Mega Pokemon that we should be seeing in Pokemon GO soon!

Pokemon GO Mega Kangaskhan

Pokemon GO Leak Reveals Mega Sableye, Banette & Aggron

Pokemon GO datamining group Pokeminers has revealed that the Mega Evolutions of Sableye, Banette, and Aggron should be coming soon.

According to Pokeminers, the August 24, 2022, Pokemon GO update has added assets for Mega Sableye, Mega Banette, and Mega Aggron to the game.

Finding images of Pokemon in the game’s files is the biggest sign that these Pokemon will be coming to the game shortly. This happened with the recently released Mega Evolution for Scizor too.

Therefore, it looks like the list of every Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO will be getting a bit longer!

3 New Mega Pokemon Revealed in Pokemon GO Datamine

However, there has been no word from developer Niantic about when these Mega Pokemon will arrive.

We predict that Mega Banette will arrive around Halloween as it’s a spooky Ghost-type Pokemon. However, the Mega evolutions for Sableye and Aggron could arrive at any time.

Hopefully, we hear confirmation from Niantic that these new Mega Pokemon will be arriving in the game soon.

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Meanwhile, find out all of the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. With Mega Legendary Pokemon now in the game, it’ll be exciting to see which of these get the Mega treatment next!

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