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3 New EA Star Wars Games Coming From Jedi: Fallen Order Developer

EA has announced that Respawn Entertainment is working on 3 new Star Wars video games – here’s what we know so far!

Star Wars is one of the biggest entrainment franchises of all time with people all over the world loving the movies from a galaxy far far away. However, there has been a surprising lack of Star Wars games in recent years.

There were no major Star Wars gaming releases in 2021. This meant fans were left waiting after completing Jedi: Fallen Order and experiencing all of Star Wars: Squadrons’ space combat.

Luckily, EA has now just announced that 3 Star Wars games are in development from Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Jedi: Fallen Order. Here’s what EA had to see about these upcoming games.

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star wars squadrons

EA Announces 3 New Respawn Entertainment Star Wars Video Games Including Jedi: Fallen Order 2

EA has been in hot water over Battlefield 2042 with fans calling it “one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history”. Although, the publisher has certainly earned some goodwill back with its latest announcement.

Firstly, Respawn is already working on the long-rumored sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. While we don’t know anything about the game yet, rumors suggest that a full reveal for this title could be coming soon.

Hopefully, we’ll have to update our best upcoming single-player games of 2022 list to include this Star Wars Jedi sequel.

In the meantime, Fallen Order fans might want to check out the stunning Elden Ring trailer. This might scratch their third-person-action itch.

Next, EA has also revealed that a Star Wars FPS title is in the works. The development will be led by Peter Hirschmann who is an expert on the series, having worked on the original Star Wars Battlefront games.

If we are lucky, this could be the leaked Star Wars Mandalorian game.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Last, but certainly not least, Respawn is also producing a Star Wars strategy game led by developer Bit Reactor. This is a new studio made up of strategy experts who previously worked on the XCOM series.

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And that’s everything EA has revealed about these 3 upcoming Star Wars games so far. Let’s hope that Respawn Entertainment can knock it out of the park with these titles!

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