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3 New Black Ops Cold War Zombies Map Teaser Images

Treyarch treated the fans once again with three brand new teaser images for an upcoming zombies map.

New Cold War Zombies Teaser Images

Today, Treyarch released three new images to get zombies fans excited for a new experience.

Each image was posted on three different social media platforms. One on Twitter, one on Facebook, and one on Instagram.

These images contain new characters, storyline hints, and other map-specific intel.

Zombies Image #1

The teaser image posted on Twitter shows a new location on the new map called Doctor Peck's Personal Quarters.

Doctor Peck is a new character who appears to be an Omega Group scientist that will most likely be introduced with the new map.

New Zombies Map Teaser Image from Treyarch's Twitter
Treyarch Twitter Teaser Image

Zombies Image #2

The second image, posted on Facebook, shows the Scientist Quarters. In this room there appears to be an image bring projected on the wall from a projector, but it is unclear to make out what is shown.

New Zombies Map Teaser Image from Treyarch's Facebook
Treyarch Facebook Teaser Image

Zombies Image #3

The third image, which was posted on Instagram, shows the Radio Room. Here, a character by the name "R" will contact "M" when the time is right in this room.

Many zombies fans believe that "R" is Richtofen and he sent these images to "M" who is Samantha Maxis.

New Zombies Map Teaser Image from Treyarch's Instagram
Treyarch Instagram Teaser image

With these new images, zombies fans are more excited than ever to jump into a brand new experience.

It appears as if the name of the new Zombies map could be "Outpost 25" because it is mentioned on a couple of the images.

While other zombies fans have also speculated that this could be a rumored "Firebase Z" map that was found in the game files.

Treyarch appears to be pushing out a ton of zombies intel this week to hype up 115 Day being on Friday.

In my opinion, this is the best way to get the community involved by releasing new teaser images and other noteworthy intel.

Perhaps we will be getting a trailer for the new zombies map soon, but only time will tell.

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