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Player Gets 29-Second Nuke in Modern Warfare Thanks to Shipment Spawns

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Last week, Infinity Ward introduced Shipment and Vacant in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Since the arrival of these classics, players have been breaking numerous records in-game. The latest record to emerge involves one player wracking up an incredible 30 kills in a row within less than 30 seconds, averaging a little more than 1 kill per second.

A short while ago, YouTube user ‘TapXNation’ acquired a tactical nuke within 31 seconds. This was the world record, but now it appears as though this has since been broken.

New Fastest Nuke in Modern Warfare

A new video has since surfaced on Reddit, with user ‘Payton132’ gathering a tactical nuke in 29 seconds. This record occurred on Shipment, thanks to its chaotic gameplay and poor spawns. While this record almost defies belief still, it’s safe to assume that it won’t be beaten for quite some time.

29 Second Tactical Nuke (Using Shipments broken spawns) 🙂 from r/modernwarfare

This wasn’t the only record to surface on Shipment. Players are also breaking other records, including the likes of most kills in a single game, and the highest K/D ratio. In addition to this, there have been various different examples of players getting nukes within 1 minute.

Shipment has usually featured poor spawns throughout its legacy, but players feel as though this year’s spawns are making the game unplayable. Although these bad spawns are usually occurring on Shipment, other users have also reported experienced it on Shoot House. It seems as though these issues generally arrive on smaller maps.

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Some have argued that these maps don’t necessarily fit Modern Warfare’s heavily realistic theme, despite their high demand. In fact, the map had so much demand that Infinity Ward introduced a Shipment and Shoot House 24/7 playlist.

Hopefully, with enough attention on the matter, Infinity Ward will attempt to patch the poor spawns rather soon.

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