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Cod XP 2017 – Is it going to happen this year?

Cod XP 2017 Call of Duty XP 2017

Many of you CoD fans will have a big question on your minds. Is CoD XP 2017 going to be a thing and if so what are the details? Last year CoD XP 2016 was a huge success. Those of you wondering what CoD XP is, here’s a snippet from last years description:

“Call of Duty XP is the ultimate Call of Duty® experience for any fan of the franchise and a celebration of our passionate community. From September 2-4 2016, thousands of fans from the global Call of Duty community will assemble at the Forum in Inglewood, California for a three-day Call of Duty immersion.”

CoD XP 2017 Dates

It is very important to note that CoD XP does not happen every year. The previous events have happened at the start of September in 2011 and 2016. These events were:

  • CoD XP 2011, an MW3 tournament. Sept 2nd to 3rd 2011.
  • CoD XP 2016 (Call of Duty World League Championship). Sept 2nd to 4th 2016.

Although CoD XP was a great success, it has only happened twice in the last 6 years. If there was one this year we would expect it at the start of September 2017.

CoD XP 2017 Location

Both the previous CoD XP’s were located is Los Angeles, CA. It’s reasonable to assume the next one will be too. Especially based on the Headquarters of Activision and the game developers.

CoD XP 2017 Tickets

Last year there were 3 tiers of tickets.

  • Enlisted – $49
  • Veteran – $129
  • Prestige – $199

They were available on Ticketmaster and we’ll update here with a link if and when CoD XP 2017 is announced and tickets become available.

Reasons why it’s unlikely

Firstly, the 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship has already been announced to be held in Orlando, Florida, from August 9-13, 2017. Previously the big event or tournament has been tied in with CoD XP and this puts CoD XP 2017 in considerable doubt.

CoD XP 2016 was already announced this time last year (early June) and as each day goes by it will be becoming more and more unlikely to happen this year in any capacity.

Overall, it will be a shame if CoD XP 2017 does not happen in any capacity. The success from 2016 in the eyes of the public and Activision did not go unnoticed. Although it doesn’t look promising for this year, we are confident it will return in future years and continue to be the success it has been.

Make sure you follow us on the Gaming INTEL Twitter for any updates on CoD XP 2017, as soon as any news, tickets or dates drops we’ll be covering it right away!

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