Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty WW2 MP Reveal Breakdown

Call of Duty WW2 MP Reveal Breakdown

Another E3 is underway and the next era of Call of Duty MP has been revealed. An Immense amount of information is shown every year and we will be highlighting the main takeaways for the long awaited reveal of COD: WWII.

Call of Duty WW2 MP Reveal Breakdown


CoD WW2 Divisions

Good bye Create-a-class and hello to Sledgehammers reinventing of the Call of Duty wheel. A staple in the franchise since the installment of the first Modern Warfare, SHG felt it was time for a new take and replaced CAC with a new mechanic in Divisions. Below we will be highlighting each Division shown in the trailer as well as what makes them unique to the Call of Duty franchise.


“Be the tip of the spear.” The Infantry Division seems to be your basic all around setup in a FPS. Armed with Assault Rifles, this Division has a ability where you are able to Bayonet Charge your enemy.


“Bringing the heaviest firepower”, The Armored Division does exactly that. Equipped with LMGs, the armored division allows you to plant your weapon on almost any surface using a bipod attachment.

“First to the fight, where you move fast and stay quiet.” The Airborne Division is most likely where you will find your SMGs. A special ability allowing you to sprint for further distances, as well as a detachable Supressor, the airborne division is your typical Run and Gun setup.

“Packing heat with incendiary shells.” The Expeditionary Division is home to the Shotguns in COD:WWII. Although we have yet to see any special abilites or attributes for the division, we do get to see the Dragon’s Breath shells in action.

“Focusing on precise and deadly sharpshooting.” The Mountain Division is where the lethal Snipers and DMRs of WWII will be found. A special attribute called “Focus”, gives you the ability to zero in on your target by darkening the area around your scope, deafening the sound in your vicinity, and showcasing enemy gamer tags within tour crosshairs.

CoD WW2 Gore and Gibbing

World War 2 was one of the most brutal and horrific conflicts in the history of mankind, and Sledgehammer Games does little in hiding that fact. Call of Duty: World at War was known for its limbs flying in your field of view and we can assure gibbing is coming back more prominent than ever:


CoD WW2 Scorestreaks

Call of Duty is just not the same without some type of reward for playing well in an MP match, and we can definitely assure score streaks will be returning. We can assume your usual UAV or recon plane will be in the game, but the MP reveal took time to showcase some bigger streaks we will have in our arsenal this November:



Strafe Run

CoD WW2 War Mode

Something completely new to the Franchise is a special narrative style gamemode all about completing the Objective. Co-Developed by Raven Software, War is Call of Duty’s take on an Operation style mode. You are assigned as a soldier in either the Allied or Axis force, and the Reveal showcased many moments in the narrative driven game mode focused on completing the set objective for your respective side.

We have to push through enemy territory!”

“Destroy the Eighty-eights!”

“Rally near the tank and defend it!”

CoD WW2 MP Maps and Locations

Set primarily in the Eastern Front, the MP reveal trailer showcased a variety of locations. From a battleship, to fighting in the rubble of a war torn urban environment, these are some stills from the trailer  showcasing where players will be engaging each other this fall:




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