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Nintendo Switch Internet Connectivity Issue Resolved (Error Code 2110-3127)

Nintendo Switch Internet Connectivity Issue Resolved (Error Code 2110-3127)

Over the last few months many fans, and members from the Gaming INTEL team have been frustrated with an internet connectivity issue that seems to keep occurring. Some of the Gaming INTEL team members have came across a solution to resolve this issue. This issues error code is 2110-3127, find out how we resolved this Nintendo Switch Internet Connectivity Issue below.

On the Nintendo Switch Console the issue says:

  • Connection test failed
  • Could not perform DNS name resolution
  • Please try again later
  • This error may be the result of an incorrect DNS entered into the console’s Internet settings, or an issue with the ISP or DNS service you are attempting to use.

Nine times out of ten you don’t need to go into those complicated internet settings, the best way we found to resolve the issue was to hold down the power button until it comes up with power options and click restart or power off.

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