Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty WW2 On Nintendo Switch?

Call of Duty WW2 On Nintendo Switch

When it comes to Call of Duty games and what consoles they will be on, PS4 and Xbox One are obvious candidates however with Sledgehammer Games and Activision not revealing much information about its platforms the, Nintendo Switch may be compatible with Call of Duty WW2. Many fans will be thinking that you can only pre-order on PC, PS4 and Xbox One so we can rule Switch out, however if we are going by history a Call of Duty on a Nintendo Console is normally revealed a few months after the reveal.

Call of Duty WW2 On Nintendo Switch?

In a recent tweet by Beenox Team, they are clearly still talking about Call of Duty. Beenox have a huge connection when it comes to COD and Activision, with them helping out with Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered and much more in the past.

To create games always more realistic, we have had the pleasure of receiving two representatives of the Canadian Army for us to talk about their experience and their job!

With Beenox Team already having a prior connection to Call of Duty and many games on previous Nintendo consoles, such as Skylanders: SuperChargers and the Amazing Spider-Man this could mean that they may be helping out with COD WWII or even on Nintendo Switch. Although Nintendo consoles don’t really suite COD games many fans would still love to see this so there is no reason why it shouldn’t happen! This game on Nintendo Switch would be a dream for Nintendo.

Don’t forget this is all speculation and nothing has been confirmed yet.

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