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Rocket League Dropshot Mode – Break, Shoot & Score

Rocket League Dropshot Mode

Psyonix have revealed a new Free mode coming to Rocket league on March 22nd called Dropshot. Break, Shoot and Score in the Rocket League Dropshot Mode. Check out the trailer below.

Rocket League Dropshot Mode

The new game mode Dropshot is all about damage! Along with Goals, Assists, and Saves, Dropshot introduces a new statistic – Damage. The more damage you do to the floor panels makes it easier for your team to score a goal! Each panel can be hit by a ball twice — the first hit activates the panel, while the second breaks the panel, creating a new scoring opportunity.


Break, Shoot, Score! Our electrifying FREE new mode, Dropshot, arrives on March 22! Enter ‘Core 707,’ an all-new arena where traditional scoring is turned on its side as players smash through the floor to score.


Psyonix will be introducing many new changes on Rocket League, on March 22nd huge update will occur including achievements/trophies, painted Bodies and Rocket Trails, an Esports content button, the end of Competitive Season 3, a new Skill Tier hierarchy, and more!

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