New Overwatch Hero Orisa Sparks Concern Among Players

Overwatch Hero Orisa

2016’s Game Of The Year, Overwatch has received a brand new hero after many months of massive speculation by the fan base. Expected to originally be a hero called Doomfist, the community was thrown a curve ball when it was confirmed that instead of the expected Doomfist, we were given a new tank character called Orisa. Orisa is a robotic based hero, much like Bastion. Below you can check out the new Overwatch Hero Orisa news, abilities and Orisa’s Origin Story Trailer.

New Overwatch Hero Orisa

New Overwatch Hero Orisa Offers New Abilities

Orisa is a much more complex character than the others, who offers a very versatile play style. This character can be considered a DPS (Damage Per Second) and a Tank hybrid. We have already seen many hybrid characters in the game like this, such as Zenyatta and Ana. However Orisa offers a completely new spin on team play that could prove to be a bit too powerful. For example, Orisa has an ability called “Halt” , in which she launches a much weaker version of Zarya’s ultimate Graviton Surge. This ability involves a sphere being deployed behind/in between enemies which sucks them towards the device. Orisa can use this ability many times more than Zarya can, and can also drop enemies off the map with it. This ability currently draws a bit of concern towards Zarya players.

Orisa’s more defensive abilities include protective barriers for her team, and a personal ability called “Fortify”, which reduces the damage the hero takes for a few seconds. While this ability is active, Orisa’s movement is slightly slowed down, but she can still fire her main weapon at full power towards heroes. Additionally, she cannot be affected by action impairing effects while in this state, such as Mccree’s flash bang. While these defensive abilities add a fresh new way to play, the core concern of the hero is her damage.

To Nerf, Or To Not Nerf?

Express concerns have arisen towards Orisa’s damage. Orisa is a tank that deals great damage from medium range, which can be compared with the damage dealt by Mccree. While live, Timethetatman decided to load up the firing range and test the character himself. While Orisa is a very consistent character, she may be a total replacement for other characters, such as DVA or Reinhardt. In the current competitive “meta” (Meaning current common team structure) Reinhardt is a very key character in team defense, with a very powerful shield that the team can take cover and attack from behind. With Orisa’s massive damage and defense capabilities, we could see this character possibly be paired with a character such as Roadhog or Zarya and prove to be much more effective than a Reinhardt. However, many teams have opted to swap her as a second tank, alongside Reinhardt, to maximize team defense.

Orisa is now available to play within the PTR (Play Test Region) for PC players.

New Overwatch Hero Orisa Trailer – Origin Story

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