Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch News Feature

Nintendo Switch News Feature

The Nintendo Switch has officially launched and a feature on the console that caught the eye of most users was the Nintendo Switch News Feature. This feature gives us huge intel and news on the latest Nintendo Switch Games, deals and offers, info about special gaming event and more. Find out everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch News Feature below…

Nintendo Switch News Feature

The Nintendo Switch News Feature offers fans the best gaming experience possible by not letting users miss a trick. Keep checking back now and then for updates on new games and more.

What Information Does The Nintendo Switch News Feature Give Us?

  • Updates on sales, so you never miss a bargain!
  • Videos of new games as they hit the market!
  • Info about special gaming events!
  • …and much more!

Please Note: To receive the latest news on Nintendo Switch, you’ll have to set up and internet connection and a linked Nintendo Account. Also if you want to change your news settings you can, simply go to system on the home menu, and turn the receive news setting on or off.

If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch you won’t miss a trick as we will be covering all the latest Nintendo Switch News on twitter.

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