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How To Add Nintendo Switch Friends

Nintendo Switch Friends

A key feature on Nintendo’s recently launched console, Nintendo Switch, was Adding Friends. On Nintendo Switch it isn’t as simple as just searching someone’s gamertag or id in like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. On Nintendo Switch Users have to use unique codes to search for friends. After you have added friends you’ll be able to play together, contact each other and much more. Find out How to Add Nintendo Switch Friends below.

How To Add Nintendo Switch Friends?

When you are on the home Nintendo Switch Menu go up to your page in the top left and it will take you to your profile. In small writing under your name should be your Friend Code. When adding friends there is a number of ways to search people. You can search for local users, search for users you’ve played with and search with friend code. Once friend request are sent you can see them and you can also see your received friend requests.

How to add friends on Nintendo Switch

Friend Requests

On the Nintendo Switch it says “You can select Add Friend to start looking for friends and sending friend requests”!

You can send friend requests to:

  • Friends from Miitomo, Super Mario Run and more
  • People you’ve played
  • Local users
  • People who’ve told you their friend code

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