Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Contents

Nintendo Switch Contents

The Nintendo Switch will be available March 3rd so that means we are less than a day away! The hybrid console is priced at $300/£280/$470 AU although the console is currently out of stock in the US. Below you can see the full list of Nintendo Switch contents.

Nintendo Switch Contents

Nintendo Switch Console

The Nintendo Switch console can be played on the go or on a tv, this is where it’s hybrid nature comes from. Also the battery life can last up to 5.12 hours. The console has 1020MHz Nvidia custom Tegra SOC Cpu and 768MHz (docked)/307.2MHz (undocked) Nvidia custom Tegra SOC GPU.

Left and right Joy-Con controllers

Many fans usually like a gaming controller like the Xbox One controller or Dualshock 4, however ever since Joy-Cons were announced at the presentation they have gone down incredible well with fans. But if you still want the Nintendo Switch Pro controller you can pre-order it as an accessory in our Nintendo Switch Accessories article.

Joy-Con grip & wrist straps

The Joy-Con grip is used to grip the Joy-Cons and the wrist straps a used to stop the controller flying out your hand.

Nintendo Switch Dock

The Nintendo Switch Dock can be used for many things, the two main things are powering the Switch to the TV and charging the console.

HDMI cable

Nearly all Gaming consoles have a HDMI, in this case it is used to play the Nintendo Switch on a tv.

A/C adaptor

Plug in the AC adapter and power your Nintendo Switch system from any 120-volt outlet. The AC adapter also allows you to recharge the battery, even while you play.

If you want to pre-order any Nintendo Switch Accessory you can in our next article.

Source: Nintendo Minute

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1 Comment

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