Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare Version 1.07 Patch Notes

Infinite Warfare Version 1.07 Patch Notes

A new update has gone live for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the Infinite Warfare Version 1.07 Patch Notes below.

Infinite Warfare Version 1.07 Patch Notes

General Fixes

• Fix for the Mad Hax taunt in the Winners Circle

• Allow players to change classes up with 5 seconds after prematch is completed

• Fix for the Diamond, Solar, Slime, and Black Sky camos glowing when using the Type-2 akimbo in the left hand

• Fix for various camos not applying correctly to the Epic Karma-45

• Audio adjustments for louder impact sounds when being shot

• Fix for an issue in MP split screen where one of the two players will load into the match without their Perks being shown

• Fix for friendly players not appearing on the minimap when manually controlling the R-C8

• Added a popup for the daily login bonus if you’re signed in while the bonus is given and also adding a sound when the daily login Message of the Day is displayed

• Private/custom matches are now “invite only”

• Fixed an issue where disabling the Team Assignment option would still require the player to select a team in a custom game

• Fixed an issue where rewards for ranking up a Mission Team in MP were appearing as a blank card in the After Action Report

• When being killed by a De-Atomizer strike, players would see a blank icon in the killcam where they should see the last weapon they were killed by. This has been fixed.

• Fixed an issue where a user would complete a challenge in the Victories Challenge section, but the XP for the challenge wouldn’t be shown in the XP Earned in the After Action Report

• Fixed a bug where the High Score challenge wasn’t working properly

• Allow for the loadout menu to scroll to the top when reaching the bottom of the menu

• Adding popup when trying to equip a streak when all streaks are already full

• Fixed a bug where the Steel Dragon would penetrate a player using Bull Charge

• When using the Scarab, friendly names were not appearing. This has been fixed

• Fixed for a bug where the player in first place would appear cloaked in the Winners Circle

• Fixed a bug where in MP splitscreen, the health bar of the second player wouldn’t decrease during a killcam. This has been resolved

• Fixed an issue where the stats of your last match were always followed by a 0 in the Performance tab. This has been fixed to remove the 0.

• Audio adjustment for audio playing late during a cutscene during the Dark Quarry mission in SP

• Various map exploit fixes

• Adjustments to some bomb pickup locations so players don’t have to circle back

• Fix for the Type-2 Butcher akimbo shotgun mode where the energy projectiles were reflecting

• Fixed the collision with the clock face and bowling entrance corners for the Uplink drone on Throwback


• Fix for players being able to receive text communications from another player that has been blocked

• Fix for keyboard navigation being inverted while scrolling through the player list in public lobbies

• Various adjustments for mouse sensitivity

• Fixed a bug where a player would be unable to edit a primary and secondary weapon by using the mouse to click in Create a Class

• Various security and anticheat updates

• Fixed for a player not being able to dodge backwards using Rushdown while using a keyboard and mouse with default bindings


• Moved objective status to top of the screen

• Fixed an issue where killstreak iconography would overlap with UI

• Size adjustments to minimap

• Added the ability for the caster to back out of a CWL draft in-progress

• Added the boost meter to the in-game HUD when casting

• Increased character limit for Team Identity to 12

• Allow for the host to not be set as a caster

Zombies in Spaceland

• Various bug fixes

• Select Epic weapons that weren’t working properly in Pack-A-Punch have been fixed

Xbox One/S

• Performance improvements while in splitscreen

Source: Infinity Ward Reddit

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