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COD 2017 Lethal Combat

Many Video Game Voice Actors are striking against a number of the industry’s biggest companies because of how gaming publishers are handling voice acting contracts and performances as  a whole. This means any games of those companies that went into production after February 17, 2015 are in jeopardy of facing delays due to the strike, which is something that certainly warrants attention.

Since Activision is on that list, there have been leaked information about the next Call of Duty Game Title (Call of Duty: Lethal Combat)

According to a list of projects that are being impacted by the strike recently released by SAG-AFTRA, 2017’s entry in the Call of Duty series is titled Call of Duty: Lethal Combat. The project is also being referred to as Call of Duty: Stronghold, which could indicate that Sledgehammer Games hasn’t nailed down exactly what it wants to call it yet. Considering the naming schemes of past Call of Duty games, though, Stronghold comes across as a working title, whereas Call of Duty: Lethal Combat is more likely to be the finalized name.

There has also been rumors about Call of Duty 2017 taking place in the Vietnam War. It’s no surprise that Activision decides to go back to the past and create games on real-world historical conflict after the 50% drop of sales Infinite Warfare received compared to Black Ops 3 and over 3 million dislikes the Infinite Warfare Trailer receives, it’s a smart move to go back to boots on the ground and no futuristic weapons, exo suits, trust jumps, wall running, etc.

Seeing all of these rumors and leak information, it seems like Sledgehammer Games will be the first in a while to feature a Call of Duty Game that’s taking place in the past

Source: GameRant

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