New Nintendo NX Leak

Nintendo NX

A new Nintendo NX Leak has been posted by user FlapSnapple on reddit. This new leak says more information on the Nintendo NX marketing, games, pricing, features and specs.

Nintendo NX

Marketing, Games, and Pricing

The Nintendo NX will use “Interact with your games on the go” for a marketing phrase which could point to further evidence of a home console / handheld console hybrid. The Nintendo NX will also come with at least four games at launch with one being a Mario title. As for pricing the Nintendo NX is going to cost $299 with a bundle option for $399 however, at this time the contents of the bundle are unknown.

Features and Specs

The Nintendo NX will support 4K streaming most likely for Netflix and other streaming services. 1080p and 60fps are being used for the home console, while other unverified resources say the handheld will be set at 900p.

Source: Nintendo NX Reddit

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