Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Evolution’s And Demo Revealed

A new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer has been revealed, which showed the starter evolution’s for Pokemon Sun and Moon and intel on the demo.

Starter Evolution’s of Pokemon Sun and Moon

Introducing the Pokemon Sun and Moon starter evolution’s:

Dartrix: The Miles Edgeworth of Pokemon


Torracat: A very cute fire cat


Brionne: The Pokemon pop star.


Special Demo Version


The trailer also revealed a demo version for the game which is set to be released on October 18th! During the demo there will be a story separate from the game so you can be free of spoilers , yet can still enjoy the scenery of the Alola region. The trailer also showed off Ash Greninja for those who don’t know Ash-Greninja is… well… Ash’s Greninja from the anime. Ash-Greninja has powered up thanks to the strength of its bonds with Ash.

Source: Youtube (Pokemon)

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