Nintendo Mini NES

Nintendo Mini NES

With the new NES Classic Edition coming out in a month we’ve decided to take a look inside the Nintendo mini console.

Nintendo Mini NES

Classic Filters

lucky Nintendo has equipped this mini nostalgia system with filters that will make the game look how it is suppose to – even on your 60″ 4k UHD TV! The CRT filter makes the game appear to have a scan line screen effect. There is also a filter that allows you to play your games in 4:3 which allows the game to be played in it’s original aspect ratio.

The main OS

This isn’t exactly your average modern retro console. Unlike machines such as the Retron 5 this NES doesn’t use cartridge! Instead all 30 games are built into the system, the games are baked in with style. You can select each game from a carousel and even access digital manuals for each game which you can get by scanning a QR code from the game and then you can read the manual on your smart device.



Save Points

For me the most interesting thing the revealed was the ability to add save points to your game so you no longer have to beat them in one sitting, or write down those passwords. However with this feature there is a twist, in order to save you have to get up and walk to the console then press the reset button.

How to get Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition

The arrival of the NES Classic Edition is set for 11/11 and will be priced for $59.99.

Source: Youtube (Nintendo)

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