Nintendo NX Name, Price and Specs Rumors

Nintendo NX Name, Price and Specs Rumors

Back in March of 2015 Nintendo unveiled a new system currently known as the Nintendo NX. We’re a week into fall and October is coming up, there has already been a lot of NX rumors. Here is the Gaming INTEL rumor round up with the Nintendo NX Name, Price and Specs!

Nintendo NX Name and Price

The Nintendo NX is most likely the code name for the new console, however one leak over on 4chan which seems to have been taken down claims the Nintendo NX is to be called the Nintendo Focus. As for the price, UK retailer TESCO has seemed to leak the NX at a hefty price tag of £349.99 (this converts to approx. $450 at the current exchange rate). What’s interesting is that not only did they reveal the price; they also revealed a release date of December 31st 2016. However, we assume that is a preorder date because Nintendo said the NX is coming out in March of 2017.

Nintendo NX Specs

The Tegra Parker (X2) is highly rumored to be whats driving the NX to a later release date then 2016. While originally designed for self driving cars, people seem to believe this is what is behind the Nintendo NX’s horse power. The Tegra Parker would allow the NX to Stream 4K video at 6Ofps but also carry a crazy 1.5 teraflops. Now of course that’s nowhere near as powerful as the PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio, however this is a different type of gaming and it is certainly more powerful then the Wii U with it’s 352gflops.

Nintendo NX Hardware

  • Based on a leak by eurogamer the NX will be a Home console / Handheld hybrid
  • There have been rumors of a clickable scroll wheel
  • The gimmick of the console along with it being a hybrid is that it will have detachable controllers

Nintendo NX Confirmed Games

Although the NX hasn’t even been revealed, major publishers have been confirming games for it and here are the games revealed so far:

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