Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Shop Items

Pokemon Go Shop Items

In Pokemon Go the place where you can re-stock on items is the shop. There are many Pokemon Go Shop Items such as, poke balls, incenses, lucky eggs, lure modules, egg incubators, bag upgrades and Pokemon storage upgrades. In this article we will show you what all the items do and how many PokeCoins they cost.

Pokemon Go Shop Items


Everything you buy from the Pokemon Go Shop is purchased with PokeCoins. PokeCoins can be earned in game, by assigning a Pokemon to defend a Gym and then clicking on the shield icon in the Shop. If only one Pokemon is assigned to a gym you’ll receive 10 PokeCoins and 500 Stardust every 21 hours. You can also get PokeCoins by purchasing them using real money.

PokeCoin Amount Price ($)

100 – $0.99

550 – $4.99

1,200 – $9.99

2,500 – $19.99

5,200 – $39.99

14,500 – $99.99

Pokemon Go Shop Items

Poke Balls

Poke Balls in Pokemon Go can be gained from levelling up or visiting PokeStops. They are lot harder to catch Pokemon than using a Great or an Ultra Ball. To unlock Great Balls you have to be level 12 and to unlock Ultra Balls you have to be level 20. We recommend you use Poke Balls for green rings, Great Balls for orange rings and Ultra Balls for red rings also, the darker the ring the rarer the Pokemon is. We noted this in our Pokemon Go tips article.

Poke Ball Amount Price (PokeCoins)

20 – 100

100 – 460

200 – 800


Incense is used for 30 minutes and it makes Pokemon come at quicker rate. You’ll encounter a lot more Pokemon going at a quick speed than standing still.

Incense Amount Price (PokeCoins)

1 – 80

8 – 500

25 – 1,250

Lucky Eggs

Luck Eggs give you double XP for 30 Minutes. We recommend you use them with an incense as you’ll encounter more Pokemon so you will level up quicker.

Lucky Egg Amount Price (PokeCoins)

1 – 80

8 – 500

25 – 1,250

Lure Modules

Lure Modules attract Pokemon to a PokeStop for 30 minutes. Other players can benefit from them.

Pokemon Go Lure Modules

If a PokeStop has a Lure Module on it, it will have pink petals.

Lure Module Amount Price (PokeCoins)

1 – 100

8 – 680

Other Upgrades

Upgrade Price (Pokecoins)

Egg Incubator (breaks after 3 uses) – 150

Bag Upgrade (+50 Storage) – 200

Pokemon Storage Upgrade (+50 Storage) – 200

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