Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO Tips

Pokemon GO Tips

The Pokemon GO app is full of secret methods to make life easier for all players. In this article we’ll explain the legal Pokemon GO Tips and Hints which WON’T get you banned!

Pokemon GO Tips

Pokemon GO Tips


If you use an incense when standing still you’ll encounter a Pokemon every 300 seconds, but if you walk around at a decent pace you should receive a pokemon every 60 seconds.

Powering Up

Players new to Pokemon GO often power up their Pokemon right away, but if you wait until you reach level 15, your Pokemon will power up more, saving you more stardust in the long-run.

Naming Pokemon

If you change a Pokemon’s name and decide you want to change it back to the original one, instead of typing it in you can just delete all the letters and then click ok (you’ll normally want to do this after the eevee evolutions trick).

Turn Off AR to Make Capturing Easier

In Pokemon Go when you turn off AR mode it makes capturing easier although, this may not be as fun.

Pokemon in Popular areas

Pokemon usually appear more when there are more active users in certain areas.

PokeStops in Popular areas

In popular areas you are more likely to get useful stuff from PokeStops than in quiet areas.

Transfer duplicates for Candy

In Pokemon Go there is a limit for the amount of Pokemon you’re allowed so it is best to transfer your duplicates as not only do you get candy you decrease your amount of Pokemon.


The rings around Pokemon are either red, orange or green not only does this indicate how hard the Pokemon is to catch it also shows how rare it is.

  • Green = Easy to catch and common.
  • Orange = More difficult to catch and uncommon.
  • Red = Very difficult to catch and very rare.

Battery Saver

Put on the battery saver in setting to save battery.

Use Razz Berries with Ultra or Great Balls

If you use Razz Berries with either Ultra or Great Balls you’ll be more likely to catch Pokemon first time rather than it risking it to escape.

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