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How to steal gyms in Pokemon GO

How to steal gyms in Pokemon GO

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to battle to be a leader of a Pokemon GO gym! Many players have found out how to steal gyms and we’re going to let you in on the secret! Find out how to steal gyms in Pokemon Go below…

How to steal gyms in Pokemon GO

How to steal gyms in Pokemon GO?

Stealing gyms in Pokemon GO is easy. All you have to do is wait until another person has just finished battling a gym, as soon as they have successfully defeated the gym it will turn white. As soon as you see the gym change to a white icon, place one of your own Pokemon on it! After a battling a gym most people will revive and heal their injured Pokemon, this is your opportunity to steal the gym.

What is a Pokemon GO Gym?

A gym is place where you can earn XP by battling. Not only this, if you defeat the Pokemon on a gym, you can then place one of your own Pokemon on there. If your Pokemon successfully defends a gym for a 21-hour period, you are able to claim free PokeCoins and StarDust. In order to do this you must click on the shield icon located in the top-right of the PokeShop! You can also place a Pokemon on a gym owned by the same colour team as you, and other users on your team can place Pokemon on your gym to help protect it. To make your own gym stronger you can train it by defeating your own team’s Pokemon, training a gym will earn you XP and make it more difficult for other users to defeat it. Before battling a Pokemon Gym we recommend ‘powering up’ your best Pokemon, this will make them stronger and more efficient in battle.

We hope this information is useful to you and that it helps you to take other many gyms! Let us know how you get on in the comments below! Good luck!

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