Time is not of the essence for EA Sports, who have only delivered FIFA 23 compensation to players two months into the launch of FC 24.

Towards the end of FIFA 23, the developers continually released packs with incorrect wording or SBCs providing the wrong rewards, leading to the issuing of tons of compensation.

Usually, they were quick to rectify their mistake, but it seems the last one took quite some time to compensate those affected.

FIFA 23 Compensation Arrives 2 Months Into FC 24 Launch

Players received incorrect items from a Player Pick at the end of FIFA 23, and EA has only issued compensation two months into the launch of EA FC 24.

The Player Pick in question was for the Level Up promotion. In this SBC, FIFA 23 gamers could earn themselves one of the upgraded versions of these items.

However, upon opening the pick, some users received the non-upgraded Level Up players. The developers became quickly aware of the mistake, acknowledging it just 1 hour and 20 minutes after its release.

Affected players were left waiting for their corrected Player Pick to arrive in their accounts. As time passed, there was no sign of their items.

Eventually, FC 24 Early Access released on September 22, 2023, with a Global release on September 29, and those players forgot about their due rewards.

However, the developers did not forget and have now issued the compensation.

The late delivery of these rewards are essentially pointless to many. Players awaiting their correct items are more than likely playing the latest FC 24 game instead.

Users will undoubtedly hope that the developers are much quicker to release any needed compensation throughout EA FC 24.

Ensuring they get the items meant to be given in time for them to make use of their items.

After all, what is it worth having items for a game no longer receiving live service?

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