Activision has officially announced that over 2 million Call of Duty players have received punishment for abuse over voice comms.

In November 2023, Call of Duty implemented a new form of in-game voice moderation, which aimed to combat toxicity in online communications.

Using ToxMod, an AI-powered moderating tool for voice chat, the company gained the ability to identify hate speech, discrimination, and harassment said aloud by Call of Duty players who were enjoying Modern Warfare 2 and 3, or Warzone.

And since November, Activision claims that a staggering number of users have seen the impacts of its new system.

Call of DUty Operators including Ghost and Captain Price

2 Million Players Punished

Since the launch day of Modern Warfare 3, over 2 million accounts have been punished for toxic voice comms.

According to the recent Activision progress report on anti-toxicity:

“More than 2 million accounts have seen in-game enforcement for disruptive voice chat, based on the Call of Duty Code of Conduct.”

Activision via the Call of Duty Blog

While the company reports that only 1 in 5 users made a report when in-game harassment occured, Activision’s new voice chat monitoring was still able to take action against the abusive players.

What Sort of Punishments Are Being Dished Out?

As for what punishment the AI is dishing out, Call of Duty players who get a little too heated in voice comms may see themselves muted globally from both voice and text chat.

Mute Captain Price MW3

Further social features could also be restricted, and those who break the Code of Conduct repeatedly may find themselves muted throughout all Call of Duty titles active in COD HQ (which could well include upcoming releases).

Interestingly, Activision doesn’t confirm whether or not players will be able to get themselves banned from the game in this manner.

The Impact of Voice Comms Monitoring

Although there’s some debate as to whether or not Activision actively listening to player comms is a good thing or not, Call of Duty reports that the franchise has seen an ‘8% reduction of repeat offenders‘ since voice chat moderation began.

Furthermore, approximately 50% fewer players have been exposed to ‘severe instances of disruptive voice chat’ since the moderation’s implementation.

Warzone Masked Soldier Near Armor Plates

Those are some significant reductions in toxicity, and it’s no surprise that Activision is aiming to expand the feature even further in future.

In addition to adding new languages to its voice moderation system, Call of Duty will start offering thank you messages to players who report abusive users.

Players will also receive feedback when Activision acts on their reports, aiming to show fans that reporting abuse positively impacts the game.

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