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15,000 PS5 Consoles Restock at This Retailer Next Week – March Stock

A huge PS5 restock is happening next week – here’s what retailer should have over 15,000 PS5s go on sale next week.

Somehow we are almost in March of 2021, and people are still struggling to buy a PS5. The console has been sold out ever since it launched back in November.

However, PlayStation fans could be in luck next week as a major retailer is restocking over 15,000 consoles, according to a leak.

This follows huge news as the PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has finally given an update regarding the PS5 stock levels.


March PS5 Restock

This is the first major PS5 restock happening in March 2021 and it’s a big one.

Reliable Twitter insider @Ps5Instant has revealed that over 15,000 PS5 consoles will go on sale next week at GAME. This is way more consoles than the huge restock that dropped last week.

Unfortunately for US readers, this restock will only be available to customers in the UK.

However, gamers in America can use our PS5 Stock Tracker US to stay up to date with all of the latest PS5 stock drops.


Huge UK PS5 Stock Drop

The GAME UK PS5 restock will feature both PS5 consoles with a disc drive as well as the Digital Edition. According to the leak, 60% of the stock will be disc, while the other 40% of consoles will be digital.

The restock is set to go on sale on March 2nd. GAME usually releases their PS5 stock in the morning, so it’s best to check around 8-10 AM. However, there is no way of telling what time the consoles will go on sale.

The best way to stay up to date with the latest PS5 restocks is by using our PS5 Stock Tracker UK.

Meanwhile, all of the March PS Plus games have been announced, including the amazing Final Fantasy VII Remake. Also, even more free games are available to PlayStation players through the returning Play at Home program.

PlayStation fans will also be glad to hear that PS5 storage expansion is finally coming this Summer.

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