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13 Minutes of Valorant Mobile Gameplay Posted Online

Just over 13 minutes of Valorant Mobile gameplay has been posted online, revealing what to expect from the mobile port.

Valorant’s popularity is fairly high, despite being on only one platform right now. However, Riot confirmed that will change soon with a mobile port of the popular competitive game.

There hasn’t been much information surface regarding the port, with a confirmation of the port and Riot confirming a Beta for some time in 2022.

However, thanks to a YouTube user, we now have 13 minutes of new Valorant Mobile gameplay.

Valorant Mobile Gameplay Leaked 13 Minutes
Riot Games

Valorant Mobile Gameplay Leaked with 13 Minutes of Footage

YouTuber DannyINTEL has posted roughly 13 minutes of new footage from the Valorant mobile port.

The footage reveals a fairly normal match of Unrated on Bind, with five agents on either team as usual.

The gameplay is from the perspective of someone playing Phoenix. It showcases some abilities, shooting, and more.

Players are given multiple icons on the screen to use, for their abilities, shooting, and buying weapons at the start of each round.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem like the graphics take a huge downgrade from the PC version. Most of the models and environments look fairly similar to their PC counterparts.

Valorant Mobile Gameplay Shown 13 Minutes
Riot Games

Players also switch sides in the sixth round, as opposed to 12 rounds. Riot may be changing the standard 13 rounds to win, to match that of a casual-based audience on mobile games.

It’ll be good to know whether the UI can be altered, as the on-screen buttons take up a lot of space. In the same vein, it would be interesting to know if Mobile controller support is available with controllers like the Razer Kishi.

Hopefully, we can all experience the Valorant Mobile Beta when it arrives sometime in 2022. Unfortunately, there’s no release date for the Beta or the full game yet.

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