The new Timeless Travels season of Pokemon GO has switched up which Pokemon can hatch from 10km Eggs – and there are plenty you’ll want to get!

As the purple-spotted 10km Eggs are the rarest Eggs you can get from spinning PokeStops, it makes sense that they contain some hard-to-get Pokemon.

The Pokemon in this Egg include the elusive Frigibax and Carbink, alongside plenty more Pokemon you will struggle to find in the wild.

Any 10km Egg picked up during Pokemon GO: Timeless Travels – from December 1, 2023, to March 1, 2024 – will contain one of the following Pokemon:

  • Dratini
  • Beldum
  • Tyrunt
  • Amaura
  • Carbink
  • Goomy
  • Jangmo-o
  • Frigibax
  • Larvesta

If you want more 10km Eggs to hatch these Pokemon, you’ll need to spin some PokeStops or Gyms. This is because 10km Eggs are a rare drop whenever you spin a Photo Disc.

As it’ll take a long time to hatch a 10km Egg, we suggest you use the Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Widget to track your progress!

10km Egg Hatches Pokemon GO Timeless Travels

Refer to the table below to see the shiny versions of all of the potential 10km Egg hatches, as well as their hatch rarity. 1 is the most common and 5 is the rarest!

PokemonHatch RarityStandard Shiny
Dratini1Dratini Pokemon GOShiny Dratini Pokemon GO
Beldum1Pokemon GO BeldumShiny Beldum Pokemon GO
Tyrunt1Tyrunt Pokemon GOShiny Tyrunt Pokemon GO
Amaura1Amaura Pokemon GOShiny Amaura Pokemon GO
Carbink1Carbink Pokemon GONot Available
Goomy1Goomy Pokemon GOShiny Goomy Pokemon GO
Jangmo-o3Jangmo-o Pokemon GONot Available
Frigibax4Frigibax Pokemon GONot Available
Larvesta5Larvesta Pokemon GONot Available

You can also get 10km Eggs from Adventure Sync rewards, but these have an entirely different hatch pool.

10km Adventure Sync Egg Hatches

Walking over 50km in a single week with the Adventure Sync setting turned on will give you a 10km Adventure Sync Egg. These contain different Pokemon to the 10km Egg you can get from spinning PokeStops.

10km Adventure Sync Reward Eggs during the Timeless Travels season of Pokemon GO contain one of the following Pokemon:

  • Bagon
  • Deino
  • Goomy
  • Rockruff
  • Dratini
  • Jangmo-o
  • Beldum
These are all of the confirmed 10km Adventure Sync Egg hatches so far. We will update this list on December 4, once the first Timeless Travels Adventure Sync Rewards drop.
PokemonStandard Shiny
BagonBagon Pokemon GOShiny Bagon Pokemon GO
DeinoDeino Pokemon GOShiny Deino Pokemon GO
GoomyGoomy Pokemon GOShiny Goomy Pokemon GO
RockruffRockruff Pokemon GOShiny Rockruff Pokemon GO
DratiniDratini Pokemon GOShiny Dratini Pokemon GO
Jangmo-oJangmo-o Pokemon GONot Available
Beldum Pokemon GO BeldumShiny Beldum Pokemon GO

Both types of 10km Egg are available to get throughout the Timeless Travels. This Pokemon GO season is running from December 1, 2023, until March 1, 2024.

Also, find out which Pokemon you can hatch from the other Eggs this season:

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