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10 Characters We Need to See in MultiVersus

MultiVersus has a decent roster of characters already, and even more have been leaked, but here’s our list of 10 characters we need in MultiVersus.

With the MultiVersus Closed Alpha ending soon, all eyes are on a great Open Beta when it arrives in July. And while we are still having fun with the current roster, more characters would be amazing to see.

While plenty of characters in MultiVersus were leaked recently, with many in the same leak already confirmed within the game, there are plenty of characters that could and should make their way.

Here are the characters we want and need in the future of MultiVersus!

10 Characters We’d Love to Play as in MultiVersus – MultiVersus Wishlist

Before we go any further, these characters are in alphabetical order. That way, no character is more preferred than another.

We’re also not using any characters from the recently leaked roster, however, some of these characters may have leaked at another point.

Now, let’s get on with the list of characters we want in MultiVersus.

Austin Powers

MultiVersus Characters Austin Powers
New Line Cinema

Yeah, baby! Austin Powers, played by Mike Myers, is one of the funniest characters in a movie, and we think he’d make a great fit in MultiVersus.

His 70s style would convert greatly into a cartoonish player model, and his lines with other characters would be pretty funny.

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We believe that Austin Powers would be a Mage or Support character, and be more of a horizontal playstyle.

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore MultiVersus
The CW

I know that The CW can be fairly cringe-inducing, but Damon Salvatore would make for a great character in MultiVersus.

Not only is he a vampire, making him an interesting character to play as and against, but he also has a lot of witty comments up his sleeve. This means he’d make some interesting observations and comments about the other members of the roster!

We’d believe his speed, as well as his tricky maneuvers, would make him an Assassin. Although, we could also see him as a Bruiser. Either way, he’d make a great character in MultiVersus.


MultiVersus Characters Demogorgon

While the Demogorgon may feature in Stranger Things, owned by Netflix, a recent leak included lines for Eleven. So, we’d say the Demogorgon is a fair assumption.

This terrifying creature comes from the Upside Down, a parallel dimension that is filled with horrific and evil monsters.

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The Demogorgon is parallel to that of Eleven, who we’d assume would be a Mage in the game. It’s fair to say that the Demogorgon would be a Bruiser or Tank class in MultiVersus.

Dr. Evil (and Mini-Me)

Dr Evil MultiVersus
New Line Cinema

If Austin Powers exists in the MultiVersus roster, well, it makes sense that his nemesis would also join. However, I’d like to say that Dr. Evil and Mini-Me would be similar to that of Tom and Jerry, or the Ice Climbers in Super Smash.

He’d have some hilarious comments, similar to that of Austin Powers, and he’d offer two distinct playstyles for himself and his Mini-Me.

We’d assume that Dr. Evil would be a Support or Assassin class, depending on how the developers would use his moveset.

Fred Flintstone

MultiVersus Fred Flintstone
Warner Bros.

While Fred Flintstone may have been part of a previous leak, we’re hoping that he makes his eventual entrance into the MultiVersus roster.

Fred Flintstone would certainly be a Bruiser, bringing a large club into the battle. He’s also fairly strong, despite his appearance.

We’re pretty certain that Fred Flintstone will enter the MultiVersus catalog, although we aren’t sure when exactly.

Frodo Baggins

Frodo Baggins MultiVersus
Warner Bros.

Frodo Baggins is another character that was found in a previous leak, so he is likely to arrive in the MultiVersus roster at some point.

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He’d wield a sword, being able to fight amongst the other characters of MultiVersus. And maybe, the One Ring’s evil nature is negated in the multiverse, letting Frodo use it to evade enemies as part of his moveset.

We believe that Frodo would be a Support or Bruiser class in MultiVersus.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter MultiVersus
Warner Bros.

The boy who lived, Harry Potter, is almost certain to make his way into the MultiVersus roster, as Warner Bros. loves the Wizarding World.

We’d assume that Harry Potter would be at his skill level and age of when he defeated Voldemort, during The Deathly Hallows. We’d also hope that Daniel Radcliffe returned to voice the character, although he may not be interested.

Obviously, Harry Potter would be a Mage class in MultiVersus, being better at ranged combat.


Neo MultiVersus Character
Warner Bros.

Neo, from the hit movie franchise The Matrix, would be an excellent addition to the MultiVersus roster. He’d be able to control the flow of his movements, teleport around the arena, and he is ridiculously strong and agile.

Neo would use his fists primarily but have the ability to use a pistol for some ranged attacks.

Neo could fit into many class types in MultiVersus, depending on his moveset, but we imagine he’d fit well in the Assassin class.


Nightwing MultiVersus
Warner Bros. / DC Comics

Nightwing is one of the best vigilante superheroes to come from Batman’s list of friends, making him a great fighter in MultiVersus.

Dick Grayson, better known as Nightwing, has a high-tech suit, with a set of incredible equipment which he uses proficiently.

Not only is he just as incredible as Batman, but Nightwing is also one of the main characters in the upcoming Gotham Knights. This means it’s very likely we will see him arrive in MultiVersus at some point.

Batman is a vertical Bruiser in MultiVersus, so we’d assume that Nightwing would land in a similar class. However, we could also see Nightwing dropping in as a hybrid Bruiser.

The Mask

The Mask MultiVersus
New Line Cinema

Last, but certainly not least is The Mask. Jim Carrey’s titular character from The Mask is wacky, funny, and perfect for the MultiVersus lineup.

The Mask in the films is already over-the-top and cartoonish in nature, so bringing the model into MultiVersus would be fairly simple.

We’d imagine that The Mask would have a pretty amazing moveset. We’d imagine he’d make a great Bruiser or Tank in MultiVersus, offering a hybrid nature.

And those are the 10 characters we’d love to see in MultiVersus. However, there are plenty of other characters who we’d love to see as well!

MultiVersus Characters We'd Love to See in the Game
Warner Bros.

On the subject of bringing in new characters, a player recently modded Goku, Steve and more characters into MultiVersus.

And while MultiVersus is set to launch on plenty of platforms, will MultiVersus arrive on Nintendo Switch?

Finally, it seems that MultiVersus’ most powerful characters are already getting nerfs, as confirmed by the MultiVersus‘ Game Director!

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